Thank you,, for publishing me!

The main site is here. My article, Keeping Religious Friends, is here. I’ve also linked to them on the Atheist Resources page.

2 Responses to “Thank you,, for publishing me!”

  1. Anton, I read this entry at the support atheism site (it won’t let me comment there for some reason), and though the post is tagged “atheist asshole” I’m rather impressed to find that I disagree.

    I was randomly scrolling through the comments and I saw your response to “Kitty”, posted on May 1st. It was well written, insightful, and courteous. The exact type of exchange that prompted me to lose my fundamentalist Christian beliefs years ago.

    I realize that there is a time and place for being aggressive about our nonbelief, but thanks for also realizing (and demonstrating) that civil discourse and a more gentle approach also has its place. At the core of things, we’re all still just human. I hope Kitty recognized and appreciated your answers as much as I did.


    • Anton A. Hill Says:


      Thanks for dropping by. I’ll have to re-read my response to Kitty as I don’t recall it. Admittedly, I do my best not to use ad hominems in my responses to theists because 1. it doesn’t help my argument and 2. it’s mean. The main reason I’ve named this site Atheist Asshole is that I’m not polite about what I think is bullshit, how I think it should be ridiculed, and how I don’t apologize for such ridicule.



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