Thank you, The Thinking Atheist, for your insightful video “Nothing More to Talk About”!

My favorite part is at about 1:36. It’s in the fucking OED, people!!  (It’s here too, under definition #-fucking-1.)

I’m very lucky in that I wasn’t raised in a fundamentalist Christian family that believed and taught all of the horseshit so common to many families. (We were taught nicer, sweeter horseshit!) Yet, my mom and I periodically get into annoying conversations in which she makes claims such as “feeling” my dead grandmother’s presence or “knowing” there’s “something out there.” I’ve generally chosen not to engage, mainly because I generally just don’t want to fucking deal with it, but one day I probably will. Especially given what I said here. Luckily, my mom is an otherwise reasonable, compassionate, patient, and loving woman, so I’m confident that the conversation won’t be difficult the way that the converstions in this video are described.

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