Hot diggity do I love the Westboro Baptist Cult!

This is from OnKneesforJesus. I was a little surprised at the actions taken and the seeming sincerity of the situation.

(NOTE: The linked videos have been removed from YouTube and I can’t find them anywhere, so pardon the lack of context for my comments.)

Notice how completely okay the family is with throwing their own daughter out of the house. I know this isn’t the case with most Christian families, but I have to admit the Phelps have a point. If their daughter was falling into sin, as the family interpreted it, was their action crazy? Sure, by most societal standards, but if Christians are to be honest about their doctrines, how are the Phelps wrong?

Then there’s this kid:

I only theologically disagree with one thing. He claims “f*gs” to be “filthy.” I don’t recall anything in Leviticus describing homosexuals that way, so it’s nothing but an ad hominem.

But that’s not even the point. Whenever the religious ask me what the harm is in teaching children this bullshit, above it is.

Indoctrination of made-up bullshit = child abuse.

2 Responses to “Hot diggity do I love the Westboro Baptist Cult!”

  1. Those people are freaks. Love the blog. I’ll stop by again.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I realize that compared to mainstream society, they’re easily labeled “freaks”, but the thing is, they’re truer Christians than most cherry-picking Christians I’ve met. And I defy any Christian to explain to me how and why the Phelps are wrong.

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