“I just fine-tuned the SHIT out of this place!”–God

The “fine-tuning” argument for God is not only one of the worst I’ve ever heard, but it’s self-defeating in its premise. In essence, the argument is thus:

If any variable of the universe, its gravity, its chemical composition, etc. were even slightly different than it is now, especially on Earth, human life could not exist; therefore, a god must’ve fine-tuned the universe in order to facilitate human life.

The argument begs at least two questions and one rebuttal. The questions:

1. If God is omnipotent, why did He create a universe that is, in the vast majority of its composition, lethal to human existence?

2. Why’d He make it so fucking big, given that we’ll never see the incalculable majority of it??

The rebuttal:

If any variable of the universe were different, humans may not have adapted, but some evolutionary equivalent likely would have.

And yet assertion of the argument persists. Here’s DarkMatter2525’s hilarious stab at a rebuttal:

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