Bill O’Reilly dukes it out with Pastor Jack McKinney, PhD over Hell!

Through Atheist Media Blog (linked on the Atheist Resources page).

I fucking LOVE it when Christians fight over the greater and lesser points of their made-up bullshit! O’Reilly insists there must be a Hell because otherwise there’s no justice for evildoers (never mind that a Christian doctrine is that as long as you accept Jesus Christ, you’re saved, even if you slaughtered a million people in cold blood the second before your salvation). McKinney insists that Hell isn’t fair for the people who’ve never heard of Jesus Christ and for those who are otherwise good, but are gay. The next bit I had no clue existed:

“Baptism of Desire.”

Tell God you don’t wanna go to Hell = you don’t go to Hell. I love it! What the fuck is the point of becoming a Catholic or any other kind of Christian if all I have to do is “desire” God and I’m saved?

I was gonna go through point-by-point and deconstruct Hell, however, not only am I too lazy, but BionicDance (linked on the Atheist Videos page) does a great job.

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