A(nother) sincere apology to Pen Pal

I say (nother) because I sent a previous, different one here.

I hate it when people know they’re wrong and don’t admit it. So I’m doing that here. I used Pen Pal’s pic and name without permission. Despite this site’s name to the contrary, I had no malevolent intent. It honestly didn’t cross my mind that she’d care and I wanted to spruce up the post visually. Why didn’t it cross my mind that she’d care?

Because I’m socially stupid.

Of course it makes sense that she would. And since, unlike here, I mind if I piss her off for doing so, I readily removed the offending bits. (Though not quite as “readily” as she wanted; stupid errands.)

Apologies, Pen Pal. You were right. I was wrong. It won’t happen again. 🙂

One Response to “A(nother) sincere apology to Pen Pal”

  1. […] yeah, I know) I’ve decided that I must admit that this wasn’t entirely honest. It’s true that I had no mal-intent in revealing Pen Pal’s […]

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