BionicDance and I get into a (pre-)Bitch-Slap Hissy!

A few days ago, I saw this video by BionicDance:

Pretty neat, huh? I thought so. Except for that pesky, “Know what caused 9/11? Religion!” bit (and also that Henson bit, but I’ll stay out of that). I criticized her for her absolute, baseless, causal claim of religion–>9/11. We went back and forth, all of which I’ve detailed in an article I wrote currently pending at Support Atheism. I’d conversed with a fellow contributor about the article prior to its submission because I was a little afraid of starting a flame war. Not because I was afraid of Bionic (though she may claim otherwise), but just because I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with such a war.

As I clicked “submit”, I thought, you ready for this, buddy? It’s gonna go down. Then I thought, well, Bionic probably has the capacity to be a mature adult, our YouTube comments section conversation aside.

I was wrong.

No shit storm. No. But when someone asked me why I went after Bionic, this is what Bionic said:

“Some people are just easily butthurt, apparently. *rolls eyes*”

As tired as I am of the current trend of repeated, sarcastic “Really??”s, here’s a dose, Bionic.

Really?? I mean, REALLY??

You post a video in a public forum, you invite public comments, I and others criticize your absolute, baseless, causal assertions, you blow it off (presumably) because you don’t like being criticized, one of us critics writes about this being a growing problem in the atheist community, and how do you react??

Wanna see her reaction? Well, you can’t. Why not? Because within hours of posting her reaction, she deleted it (I think; not an expert on how Facebook works). (What’s my evidence that she made the comment in the first place? I copied her quote from my inbox. If you want verification, just e-mail me, and I’ll forward it.) Did she realize that it looked petty and childish, ultimately hurting any case she might make?

I dunno.

All I know is that if you’re gonna make a YouTube video, in which you make at least two fallacious arguments, you allow public comments, and you get criticized for your fallacious arguments, you don’t turn into a fucking child. You grow the fuck up, take responsibility for your actions, correct them if possible, and fucking learn from them.

And just to show that I’m not a sore sport and that I really am a fan of Bionic’s work, here’s another video of hers!

4 Responses to “BionicDance and I get into a (pre-)Bitch-Slap Hissy!”

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