Thank you, Harold Camping and your Family Radio, for not backing down from your made-up bullshit!

First it was this:

Now it’s the globe thingy. Yeah, I know. A bold, bullshit prediction replaced by the old-school Universal Studios logo. What a let-down. But now, thanks to commenter dadada, check this shit out (click on the image):

October 21st, 2011. Like I told dadada, the one thing most people are terrified of is admitting they’re wrong. I include atheists in that. But the religious definitely. I mean, what the fuck would they do if they admitted they might be wrong? They might have to, I dunno, step back from the mountain of dominoes truly only supported by fallacy and emotional appeals and let the bull of overwhelming evidence rampage on past.

At least the billboards are stopping. Shew!

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