After some serious “soul”-searching…

(yeah, yeah, I know) I’ve decided that I must admit that this wasn’t entirely honest. It’s true that I had no mal-intent in revealing Pen Pal’s name, but I have to admit that after our initial discussion on Facebook as detailed here, I became frustrated at her insistence on her accusations against me, her absolute disinterest in considering my side, her frankly dishonest representation of some points, and:

I retaliated.

I was annoyed, I wanted my side to be considered, and I essentially pulled an “I’ll show you.”

It was immature and stupid.

Pen has since suggested that there may be “serious” ramifications of my actions given that she has students or colleagues who may have already seen our correspondence. I can’t deny the possibility that our correspondence may have been seen, but I truly see any viewing of our correspondence as irrelevant to her job or any other private issue in her life. She said nothing of which she should feel ashamed or was taken out of context. Now, if she does feel ashamed of anything she said that’s, frankly, her problem as what I posted were direct quotes.

However, I had to admit to myself that if a conversation of mine had been posted on-line without my knowledge and attributed to me with a picture of me, I would have pause. Maybe not such loud, furious, and ALL CAPS pause as Pen, but I would’ve had pause nonetheless.

So, Pen, I sincerely hope you’ve not suffered any negative ramifications of my actions and it was a bit of a dick move to post your full name and pic.

Pen has declared to me that she absolutely does not accept my apologies for my actions on this issue and that’s certainly her right. I simply felt I should be completely honest with myself and this site on those actions and their motivations. I now consider this matter closed and have no further plans of discussing it.

3 Responses to “After some serious “soul”-searching…”

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