My article ” #BionicDance and I Get into a Bitch-Slap Hissy or On Atheist Fallacy” is live on #AtheistConnect!

The main page is here. The article is here. The full text is reposted on the Articles page.

Wait a minute! Didn’t I say here that the exact same article was pending at Support Atheism?

I did. It was quietly, unceremoniously put down:

“Anton, I don’t see an the conversation being worthy of publishing as it seems to become more of foray into semantics. Now, I do see an article about the fact that terrorism and 9/11 is as motivated by sociopolitical factors as religion – and an exploration of the fact that socio-political and economic factors are also what lead to fundamentalism.

“That would be a great article. It is hard to argue about actions of those terrorists culminating into such an atrociity w/out the quran’s justification of martyrdom and jihad. And the typical deathcult idea of a paradise in the afterlife though.”

–Jacob Kramer

I suggest that the real reason my article was killed, or in the very least a more practical reason, was that it’s critical of a fellow Support Atheism contributor, and we can’t have one SA contributor criticizing another SA contributor in the SA magazine, now can we? I didn’t whine about it on the Support Atheism forum, however, and I won’t whine about it here.

2 Responses to “My article ” #BionicDance and I Get into a Bitch-Slap Hissy or On Atheist Fallacy” is live on #AtheistConnect!”

  1. Nope, Anthony. It wasn’t published because I felt it was a debate of semantics.

    But, no, we would never publish a argument between two contributors that devolved into insults or bickering. I didn’t feel this conversation between you and Keight did this at all, but I also just didn’t feel it offered to much to reflect upon. You are a great writer and we are elated to have you as a part of the team, but one thing you should know now:

    I don’t lie or mince my words, I try not to play favorites. I was worried when it was first brought to my attention (I wasn’t the assigned editor for that piece) that it was n mean-spirited argument and not a discussion. I felt it was more a discussion, but I didn’t think it merited publishing.

    I will tell you that if we had thought it worth publishing, we would have sought Keight’s permission as a professional courtesy.

    Additionally, every editor considered it, and we came to a quick and unanimous decision on the matter. No, hidden agendas here. If we had not wanted to publish it due to the reasons you assert here, rest assured I respect you and myself enough to tell you the truth.

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