Thank you, #MissAmerica, for demonstrating the effects of #America’s sorely lacking science education!

I saw this via Sylvia Lam on Facebook. Then I couldn’t find it on her page, so I got the video from OnKneesForJesus3.

Others have posted the above, but here’s in-depth analysis. A state-by-state breakdown of who “believes” in evolution, whether she thinks it ought to be taught in schools, etc.

State: believes: thinks evolution should be taught

AL: no: no
AK: no: ?
AR: ?: ?
GA: ?: yes (but also creationism)
ID: ?: yes (mentioned)
IN: ?: maybe (leave it to the government to decide)
IA: ?: yes (as an elective)
KY: ?: no
LA: ?: ?
MS: ?: yes (as a “theory”, thereby misrepresenting what “theory” means) NC: no: yes (both sides of the “story”)
VA: ?: yes (bits and pieces)
CA: yes: yes
DE: ?: yes
MD: yes?: yes
MA: yes: yes
NM: yes?: yes?
VT: yes: yes

Fucking shameful. Granted, most of these women were probably giving answers they assumed were politically and socially inoffensive, but that alone offends me. They’d never, ever, not EVER say this shit about gravity or tektonic shift. They only say vague niceties because they’re afraid they might offend.

Notice evil CA, MA, and VT, coincidentally more of the sociall liberal states give resounding “yes”s to the question. Correlation?

In addition to evolution being taught, what also needs to be taught in schools is the fact that not all ideas are equally valid. Teaching that just because someone has an idea, therefore the idea must be respected, is what leads us to validate any number of crazy, demonstrably false bullshit.

Deal with it, religious. Evolution is a fact just as genetics and a heliocentric solar system. Denying it only makes you look fucking stupid.

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