Thank you, #NewYork, for doing the right thing!

Stupid, asshole, religious fucks: 0
We sane: 1

As others have said, there is not one secular reason, that doesn’t also apply to straight marriage, that gays shouldn’t be able to get married.

2 Responses to “Thank you, #NewYork, for doing the right thing!”

  1. While I generally support gay marriage from a knee-jerk social equity stance, I think there are secular reasons for opposing gay marriage. Namely that the burden of reproducing the species falls exclusively upon heterosexual couples, and as a society we have an interest in promoting the furtherance of our species. If rewarding couples that may or do produce offspring serves that purpose, than we have a legitimate interest that may be served by differentiating heterosexual unions and the laws pertinent to them from those pertinent to other types of unions. Unfortunately, people being what they are, such distinctions would be and are perverted toward other ends, notably discrimination and oppression. While I suspect leveling the playing field and then making additional distinctions is likely the most pragmatic solution, to say it is the only one that serves a secular purpose is, I think, overstating the case.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      The problem with your argument is it’s based on fallacious assumption. Yes, the burden of reproduction falls on heterosexual couples, but not necessarily married heterosexual couples. Marriage can occur without children, and as has been demonstrated by countless out-of-wedlock births, children can occur without marriage.

      By your argument, we should perhaps not let older, infertile, or disinterested couples get married unless they vow to have children during their marriage and this clearly isn’t the case.

      Or, once a couple find out that she’s pregnant, we should perhaps force them to get married, which obviously has been done on a social level, but never a legal one.

      The only differentiation the state seems to make is that married couples get tax credits as well as married couples with kids (I don’t know if unmarried couples with kids get the same credit). I personally find it offensive that the state essentially rewards people or getting married and having children because that reward by its very nature is a financial punishment to those of us who aren’t and don’t, but this isn’t a moral argument against gay marriage, it’s merely a man-made legal code applying to marriage in general.

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