Thank you, #Gerjan, for your de-conversion story!

Gerjan’s story is as follows and is posted under De-Conversion Stories.

“Well, as a kid we went to church every sunday. My dad an mum were being raised in very religious family’s, I guess that is the reason why we went to church. At the age of 8 my dad suddently said ‘Well, I am not interested anymore’, so we stopped visiting the church. Still thinking about a ‘god’ I kept believing in a higher spirit among us. Mostly because we went to a christian church, and they think it is normal to brainwash kids like that. At the age of 12, my mom was diagnosed breast cancer. No higher spirit for me anymore, just no reasons to believe in something. So now and then I watch programmes about space and the religions on National Geographic and Discovery Channel. These programmes show me that the religions are busted in many ways, there are many scientific explanations to all problems that occur and did occur in the past. No, I haven’t been a real believer. And I will never be one of ‘them’ again.”


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