You go, #NikoAlm, for standing up for the #FSM!

My friend told me about this. Here it is on NPR. And here’s Alm’s blog.


After a three year court battle, Alm successfully sued the Austrian government to allow him to wear “confessonional headgear” in his driver’s license photo.

This’ll go one of two ways.

One, hundreds of people will “make up” their own religions to justify being able to wear any old thing on their heads for driver’s license photos and thus a who-can-wear-a-funnier-hat competition will begin, and then die down (but in the process, the general public will be somewhat forced to admit the ridiculousness of religion in general). Two, the Austrian government will be forced to revise the law to prevent what I just mentioned, so that they don’t have to officially recognize any old religion that anyone cares to cite.

In either case, this is fantastic. For any argument that any religious might make about why they should be allowed to wear their confessional headgear and have the recognized right to do so, so, too, can Alm.

2 Responses to “You go, #NikoAlm, for standing up for the #FSM!”

  1. This is in some ways a hoax. Austrian law does not regulate the headgear in driving license photos. The face has to be fully visible. That is it.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      As long as the Flying Spaghetti Monster is getting international attention, I’m happy! 🙂

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