Thank you, #ExposingReligion, for proving my point!


The owner of ExposingReligion on Facebook recently wrote me this:

“Good article. 😀 Very professional. Good luck with your wrong beliefs. I hope you find evidence to support them. Other people’s opinions and assumptions are not proof. Those people have to supply proof as well. Without religious indoctrination and religious hatred, 911 could not have been pulled off.”

–Exposing Religion

I was gonna reply with something like this:

“Wrong beliefs?? What’s wrong about them? I alraedy have found evidence to support them. America = 1; Sweden = 0. Both are ‘infidel’ countries in the eyes of al Qaeda. One is rich,
militaristic, and arguably acting like an empire. And that’s the one that was attacked. You’d have to point out which ‘opinions and assumptions’ I cited because, as I recall, the only ‘opinion’ I mentioned was bin Laden’s. Now, I’m no expert on al Qaeda, but I’m pretty sure he was. I agree that without religious indoctrination, 9/11 may not have happened, but you can’t deny that there were most likely other factors involved. If you choose to deny those other factors, then I suggest you are operating out of confirmation bias just as much as the religious tend to. Your insistence of my ‘wrong’ beliefs illustrates that quite elegantly.”


But when I navigated to the page, I saw I no longer had access to the ExposingReligion Wall. For verification, I clicked on the comment response link. I saw this:

For re-verification, I navigated to the original page. It was still there.

I’m not heartbroken. I was thinking of leaving anyway, based mostly on the above comment response, but I also considered that maybe they had some legitimate means for booting me. I checked their policy, which says:

“Please be thoughtful and respectful of what you share. I’d like this page to be PG 13. We have child members, as young as 10 years old. It is important that children can use this site. We want are members to feel comfortable, letting their kids become members. Children are a major priority to our cause. We need to help them and have them involved. Please keep foul language down. This page is about the mission that we have shared. This will be accomplished by being positive and by using facts. This page is not about bashing, satanism, drug promotion, discrimination or any obscene things. Members who break these rules or go against our mission will have their posts deleted and possibly banned.”


To be fair, I can’t swear that I didn’t swear. I don’t think I did. And if I did prior to my most recent comment, it’s awfully convenient that I’m banned now. I suppose that the name of this site would be reason enough to ban me, but I’m sure I’ve posted links to
ExposingReligion before obviously without being banned.

At the same time, there’s the whole “respectful of what you share” clause. And the “This will be accomplished by…” sentence. If that truly is their goal, I wonder why they allowed the idiots who attacked me to attack me and keep on with the group. Plus, in
ExposingReligion’s own response comment quoted above, they cite no facts.

Sigh. Can’t say there’s much love lost. I wasn’t really satisfied with them. They clearly weren’t with me. It’s just so fucking annoying that as unpopular within the atheist community as my “religion didn’t cause 9/11” opinion is, and as backed up by facts as it is, that just doesn’t seem to matter to some atheists and atheist groups. Not only that, but even the discussion of my opinion is often silenced. I guess it’s true what some religious criticize. We can be just as dogmatic and faith-based as they often are.

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