Thank you, #YogurtKing, for your “Simple Faith” video!

When the religious tell me that I need to have faith (belief in something without evidence or despite evidence to the contrary), and I ask them about theirs, they routinely have one of two answers. Either they say there’s no evidence, it’s just faith and we get into a conversation about the questionable merits of faith, or I ask them how they know what they claim to know, and they tend to run down a litany of believing Jesus, His disciples’ alleged eyewitness accounts, Paul’s alleged revelations, the Church fathers’ alleged revelations, etc. When I ask how they know all of those bits to be true, we tend to dive head-first into a sea of logical fallacy and emotional appeal. These never stray too far from appeals to popularity, history, authority, emotion, red herrings, and my recent fave, the Fallacy of Composition (if fact X in the Bible is true, then the whole thing MUST be true).

YogurtKing presents this typical conversation in excellent fashion, even bringing up certain Church father committee meetings I’d never heard of.

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