Thank you, #danxenatro, for your fun “Book of Job” video!

I saw this through Support Atheism. danxenatro, president of Connecticut Valley Atheists, explains his issues with the bullshit Book of Job.

When I was a kid, I remember hearing this story and wondering what the fuck God’s problem was. He seeks to test Job’s faith… to what end?? To prove a point to Satan? What an asshole.

Later, I realized that the story in its very essence made no sense. Why the fuck would God need to test anyone?? God is omniscient–knows everything there is to know. A “test” of Job’s faith would reveal no information as God already knows if Job is faithful. Furthermore, making a bet with Satan is also completely unnecessary given God’s knowledge of Job’s faith.

And since when are God and Satan buds?? The religious constantly tell me that though God loves Satan, as He loves all, Satan hates God, or in the very least considers himself to be God’s enemy.

So what gives? These two entities who have been so presumably since the beginning of time set aside their issues to temporarily play a little wager??

And the fact is that if you’re a Jew or Christian and you consider your respective holy book to be the INERRRANT Word of God, you MUST believe the Book of Job to be LITERALLY true. So you somehow have to reconcile God’s need for knowledge, God’s willingness to torment an innocent man, and God’s chillin’ with Satan.

Do it, religious! Explain it! You won’t because you can’t because it’s total horse shit.

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