#AtheistNews episode 14 is live!

The only shitty part about this episode? I’m not in it. But that’s okay. I’m in the next one. All kidding aside, this episode has, among other things, a great interview with Blair Scott of American Atheists. The main site is here. The episode is here. And it’s right down there…

7 Responses to “#AtheistNews episode 14 is live!”

  1. That brian guy in the episode is super awesome he is made of amazingness 😉

  2. The constitution was written by a bunch of men that quoted the bible; why is Blair Scott using that document. I WOULD LIKE IT IF HE WOULD STOP CRAMMING HIS cHRISTIAN VALUES DOWN MY THROAT.


    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Bob,

      What are you talking about??

      • Hi Anton, Blair Scott keeps using the constitution for his authority, a document that was written by those who used the bible as a reference source. Why use this document that was influenced by the bible to justify right and wrong? This is like having a number of atheist having a meeting and using the principles of the bible to keep order in the meeting and using the bible to dictate how we treat each other. How does any atheist worth his salt justify this behavior?


  3. Anton, I was commenting on the ” #AtheistNews episode 14 is live!.:
    Watch the episode to understand my comments.


    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Bob,

      I watched the episode, I just wasn’t sure specifically what you were getting at.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like your claim is that the Constitution of the United States used the Bible as a reference source and that the Bible influenced the Constitution. If I’m correct in my assessment, I’d love to hear your evidence that the Bible influenced or was used as a reference for the Constitution.

      If your claim is that the Founding Fathers were Christians, I’d ask you to provide evidence of that as well. It’s true that some of the Founding Fathers have quotes supporting the notion thet they were at least deists and that some were Christians, but you’d be hard-pressed to prove that they were all Christians. Furthermore, the Jefferson Bible, in Congress, was Jefferson’s interpretation of the “good parts” of the Bible, leaving out all references to miracles an other supernatural phenomena. it seems difficult to prove, then, that he was a Christian.

      Beyond that, though, it seems like your point is ultimately irrelevant. The Constitution is the Constitution regardless of who wrote it or what their references and influences were. Shakespeare was most likely a Christian and yet Hamlet is still one of the more brilliant plays ever written. Newton was not only a Christian, but also a theologian, so are atheists then to ignore calculus and the laws of physics which he established? Twain said some nasty things about blacks and Indians. Should we not read Huckleberry Finn? I guess I’m just not sure what your ultimate point is. Feel free to enlighten me. 🙂

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