You go, #BlackNonBelieversofAtlanta, with all the crazy shit you’re doing!

From BNBoA:

Greetings BNoA Members and Supporters!!!

The “New Sunday Morning” is the latest campaign to promote
nonbelievers in coming out and being out in the communities in which they live and work. The Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta will be engaging in social activities, community service, projects, potlucks, coffee and chats and more. Inspired by Jeremiah Camara’s “Blind Believers 30-Minute Workout” we are reclaiming our Sunday mornings that were previously occupied by religious activities and indoctrination. BNOA will invite other groups to join us and even invite the theists when we engage in our service efforts. As we are promoting doing service and the believers say they serve, we want them to put their money where their mouth is. Instead of being insanely bored as radio and television stations broadcast Christian programming, come out and get engage with the New Sunday Morning Initiative.
We will be focused in West Atlanta, Clayton County, South Fulton, South Cobb, Dekalb County, North Henry, East Atlanta and more areas that have a high concentration of black residents.
NSM Concepts
• Shut Up and Clean – SUAC will work on eliminating litter and blight in our communities with a focus on highway exit ramps, business corridors, parks and abandoned cemeteries. SUAC will invite local community groups and believers to clean up. We will pick up trash, remove illegal signage, movies and trim weeds. This will be a time where the general public will see us at work in the community. With both believers and nonbelievers being here, it will not be a time for debating and arguing but serving the community, hence Shut Up and Clean!
• Sunday Entertainment – While the believers are in church, we will take full advantage of discounted rates for entertainment such as bowling, family entertainment complexes, carnivals, sight seeing tours and more. Many businesses want more people to come in during this slow time and since we are not church attendees, why not? It will be a great time to get your leisure in before starting the workweek or your weekend workshift.
• Extra Offerings of the General Meeting – The General Meeting is our most popular activity and we are going to add extra helpings to bring us together to discuss issues and business as we continue to grow and evolve.
• Sunday Getaway – Atlanta is relatively close to Chattanooga, North Florida, Charlotte, Nashville, Birmingham and more. At times, we need an “Atlanta Break” and we will hit the road and check out a
neighboring Southern city. It may be an organized trip or just a random getaway to relieve some stress and tension. We won’t be signing Gospel tunes, reciting scriptures or having bible study while we drive either!

On behalf of the entire leadership team, we hope that you will join us. We also thank you for your support and interest in the name of reason!!!


Mandisa L. Thomas
Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta (BNoA)

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