Thank you, #NotInMyName2050, for showing me how stupid I am with your video “Are Atheists Too Aggressive?”!

That’s not entirely true. The video itself did nothing. It’s the damn comments section. First, the video:

Pretty cool, right? And, as many people have commented, snazzy accent! Where my stupidity comes in is that I responded to a comment or two and probably posted one or two of my own.

Big mistake.

What happened, as you’ll see, is I got into lengthy conversations with what looks like three Christians, including one creationist. I did not heed Dawkins’ warning of avoiding debates with creationists. I stupidly thought that if I pointed out a couple of things, maybe they’d at least consider them.

Not so.

For the conversations, look for my exchanges with MrArpas123, ParadigmShiftr, SelfPromoting, and sonicmank. MrArpas123 is the creationist and a fan of my old pal, Emmanuel of (I’ll get to that charlatan later!).

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