Thank you, #BionicDance, for your fun “More Street Preachers” video!

Bionic and I have certainly had our disagreements in the past, but this really caught my eye.

I’ve only seen a few instances of atheists actually taking on preachers, like Mike Lee aka The Religious Antagonist did here, and in most cases, it’s more or less become an argument on topics that aren’t especially arguable, mainly because the theist involved tends to rationalize. For example, an atheist might ask, “How do you explain the contradiction between BookX:ChapterX:VerseX-X and BookY:ChapterY:VerseY-Y?” and then the theist goes into some lengthy explanation about how there isn’t really any contradiction.

Total fucking waste of time.

But, what Bionic did that was great is she simply asks them, “How do you know?” over and over, forcing them to fucking explain themselves. It’s a beautiful demonstration of their theology breaking down right before our eyes. Granted, they don’t ever say, “You know what, Bionic? You’re right. This is a waste of time. I’m going home.” But what is clear is that the theology falters.

Good on ya, Bonic. Please keep it up.

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