Thank you, #askegg, for your delightful “leprechauns?” video!

As far as arguments with theists go, I now try to stay away from the leprechaun one. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s very simple. It pretty much goes, prove that leprechauns don’t exist. The average atheist may think that this is a slam dunk with theists, but in my experience, they either completely dismiss the argument without consideration and shut down their end of the conversation or they talk about how leprechauns aren’t gods, so it’s a poor comparison, etc. For that last bit, I kind of agree with them. The claims of leprechauns aren’t the same as the claims of gods. And in my experience, if you don’t make as close to a 1:1 comparison with your god claims to their god claims as possible, they dismiss you out of hand. This wouldn’t be a problem if someone like me weren’t either trying to make a simple point of comparison or weren’t actively trying to point out a flaw in their beliefs and reasoning.

So for my part, I’ve given up on the prove-leprechauns-don’t-exist argument.

Then I saw the following video, adapted from a script by Matt Dillahunty, and I saw that this one does a whole better job than I ever have. In fact, some of the thinking, such as, “If you can’t hear the leprechaun, it means you’re not listening hard enough”, is almost identical to what some theists have told me.

2 Responses to “Thank you, #askegg, for your delightful “leprechauns?” video!”

  1. You are more than welcome 🙂

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Andrew,

      I wrote you over Twitter, but in case you didn’t get that, please send me any de-conversion story you might have, be it text, a link to a video, or dance routine! By the way, what techniques did you use to make the video?



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