Thank you, #TaylorX04, for your delightful and informative video “The Origins of #Satan”!

I’m one of the lucky ones. I was never indoctrinated into a belief in Satan. Thus, I’ve always found the whole notion a whopping load of horseshit. The great bit of this is that I’ve never suffered the fear that I’ve heard believers and one-time believers lament. The downside is that I’ll never understand said fear.

In fact, I’ve heard many self-identified atheists say that even as much as they hold no belief in any gods, they still harbor a fear of Hell because they were told such a thing was literally real and told this at such an early age by authority figures who were otherwise completely trustworthy.

A friend reports of being terrified of Satan, demons, and Hell during childhood not only because of the concepts themselves, but also because it seemed that almost anything this friend might do would be a one-way ticket straight to Hell. How the indoctrination of children to so greatly fear such a ridiculous thing is such a socially acceptable form of child abuse, I will never fully understand.

But this isn’t about that.

Because of my fascination with the notion of Satan, I’m equally fascinated with the character’s origins. Thus, the following video and this right here.

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