Hats off to Apartment J for “A-News Special Edition: The Motto and The Pope”!

Those A-News bastards! They went and made a mini-episode without me, Steve, and the rest of the usual Apartment J crew!

I’m glad they did. As much as I’ve wanted to tackle topics such as Congress’ recent bullshit resolution on Just In Case Anyone Forgot That “In God We Trust” Really, Really, Really Is Our National Motto, We Went Ahead And Reminded Everyone Again, I simply didn’t have the time or the care. It’s not that it’s a meaningless topic. It’s kind of important, given that such an action implicitly lets millions of us know that we don’t count, but it’s one of those things where I think the vast majority of Americans (including me) simply don’t give enough of a shit to do anything about this when it has such negligible effect on their lives.

Oh, and the Pope is a dick.

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