Thank you, #FaithFightsFact, for your series “An Atheist Reads #TheCaseforChrist”!

(NOTE: FaithFightsFact has since removed the video.)

I’ve always thought Lee Strobel was a dick. Scratch that. A smarmy dick. No, I don’t mean that he’s mean. I mean that he’s slimy and dishonest. In a similar way as Kirk Cameron. Strobel seems to be a favorite among apologists because 1. he “used to be an atheist” and then, of course, found Jesus, and 2. he, as a journalist, sought evidence for Christ.

I hate to invoke the Not a True Scotsman since I hate it when other people do it, but I do wonder how much of an atheist Strobel was simply because I’ve heard most of the information that he presents and it isn’t evidence of the supernatural claims of Jesus, so I’ve wondered what testable, reproducible, irrefutable data convinced him.

I’m also really irritated when people make the fact that Strobel is a journalist out to somehow make his claims more valid. Has no one heard of poor journalism? Is no one aware that Fox News constantly (and perhaps rightly) criticizes the New York Times on their journalism? Journalism does not truth make.

Enough on Strobel.

I’d been meaning to look at some apologist books for years now because often when I get into discussions with theists and apologists, they ask me if I’ve read these books, I admit that I haven’t, and they do that whole “gotcha” thing where they claim that I can’t comment until I’ve read them. I agree. Inasmuch as I can’t specifically comment on an apologist book I haven’t read.

So I’d intended to read them. And blog or vlog through them for the benefit of others who didn’t want to. Lots of time. Exhausting. And money that I’d have to voluntarily give to people like Strobel. Yuck.

Imagine my joy when I discovered the following, by FaithFightsFact, who received TCfC as a gift and made a series in which she does read and comment. Shew! No need for me!

One Response to “Thank you, #FaithFightsFact, for your series “An Atheist Reads #TheCaseforChrist”!”

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