I’ve (long since) unsubscribed from #CommonSenseAtheism


I like Luke. I’ve met him a few times. Mutual friends. He’s a cool guy. Frighteningly tall. And this is coming from a 6′ 0.5″ guy. So it’s not about my personal feelings on him.

It’s not about the fact that he leaps at the chance to suck William Lane Craig’s ass. As nauseatingly obnoxious as I find that, especially given that Luke doesn’t tend to discuss what, specifically, is so great about Craig, but rather simply asserts it, and such action provides heaps of box-quotes onto religious YouTube videos for their coveted “gotcha” moments with me–“An atheist loves Craig, so Craig must be right!”–, it’s irrelevant.

It’s not even the fact that CSA is much closer to the top of Alexa rankings and this site is, er, closer to the bottom.

It’s that many weeks ago, Luke announced that CSA was moving further and further away from atheism and closer and closer to philosophy, specifically Luke’s preferred desirism. I have absolutely no issue with this at all.


As I wrote weeks ago, regarding “elevatorgate” and The Atheist Experience’s alleged reaction to it (I’ve still not heard it), this whole atheist activism thing is fucking exhausting. So as with my reservations on the “elevatorgate” shit, so too arise my reservations on continuing to follow a blog that, frankly, I’m not that interested in anymore.

I’ll miss the occasional news bits, cartoons, and cool links that Luke provides. And I wish him and his blog the very best (as if he needed my good luck wishes). But there’s only so much time in the day and beyond my non-atheistic pursuits, I’ve got A-News, posts, Conversations with Theists, videos, and tons of other stuff to deal with.

Salve, CSA.

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