Thank you, #stevelikes2curse, for taking on #LeeStrobel’s #TheCaseforChrist in “An Atheist Reads The Case for Christ”!

So it seems FaithFightsFact dropped the ball on this and deleted her channel. Or so reports Steve. Thus, he’s taken on the exhausting task of reading and commenting on Strobel’s popular Christian apologetics book. In this first bit, Shives examines some of Strobel’s basics, such as his background as a so-called “former atheist.” I’ll try to keep up with this and post each of Shives’ future episodes.

2 Responses to “Thank you, #stevelikes2curse, for taking on #LeeStrobel’s #TheCaseforChrist in “An Atheist Reads The Case for Christ”!”

  1. Thanks for your insight on this. I am eager to see what you have to say about the rest of the book. Also, I wanted to send you an email but do not see a way to do so, so I’ll ask my question here and hope you see it. Have you yet done any teachings on what premonitions, intuitions, and energy healings are all about? I don’t mean the 99+% that are EASILY explained away. I mean the legit cases. I ask because I started experiencing these things a few ago and though I have not been public about these things until now (because it is embarrassing), I do have a reputation among family, friends, and friends-of-friends for having these capacities ( things such as: knowing details (such as dates) about people’s deaths B4 they died, earthquakes, crimes, car wrecks, healings, etc). I think it’s just another level of the natural world I am accessing but I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on the topic at some point. Thanks and I look forward to looking around your site more.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for dropping by. I feel you’re giving me too much credit, though. The video (series) is by Steve Shives of I’m merely re-posting.

      I’ve covered supernatural/paranormal bullshit a little, but not much so far. If you have a legit case, I’d love to see the evidence. I highly doubt you’re able to access premonition information and such a few would have to be proved, but like I said about the evidence, feel free to provide it.



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