Thank you, #stevelikes2curse, for taking on #LeeStrobel’s #TheCaseforChrist in “An Atheist Reads The Case for Christ: Chapter 2”

And now the reliability of eyewitness testimony.

One gem, “Dr. Blomberg says, ‘Well, we can assume that the writers of the gospels intended to record accurate histories because Luke’s gospel opens with a statement of purpose to that effect and although Matthew and Mark… do not include such a statement, they are so similar in style and focus… that we can assume that they had a similar intent to record history faithfully.’ The problem is this is basically Blomberg saying well, yes the gospels intended to record accurate histories because they say so.” And really how substantive is the notion of style and focus being an accurate assessment of the non-Luke gospels having the same intent? If we’re going to make assumptions on authors’ intent based on similar styles and focus, what stops us from widening such an assessment to include political speeches by Reagan and Hitler? They both spoke rhetoric of national enemies. They both spoke of defeating those enemies. They both invoked similar themes of patriotism. A thousand years from now, will they be viewed as mutually agreeing colleagues?

Another gem, “The argument basically boils down to the people who wrote the gospels were of honest and reliable character because the gospels say they were. And this is just laughable.”

And another, “The fact that Joseph Smith didn’t invent a more plausible explanation for where the Book of Mormon came from, when he obviously could have, means that we should believe the story about him being visited by the angel Moroni…? A total of 11 witnesses testified–swore–that they had seen and handled those plates… Three of them claimed that they were shown the golden plates of the Book of Mormon by an angel and they had heard the voice of God assuring them of their authenticity.”

Still another, “The gospel writers weren’t necessarily intentional liars, but that doesn’t necessarily make what they say true.”

“If evidence cannot compel faith, of what use is faith?”

–Steve Shives

No shit.

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