So I upload and spread around my video on Nintendo.

I’m kind of proud of it because 1. I make a couple of decent points and 2. it’s cut decently with some humorous moments. Then, nmaster64 had to come along and ruin it!

Nmaster64 pointed out that one of my more dramatic points, that of Nintendo being okay with a game, Yoshi’s Island, depicting a drowned Baby Mario, is based on footage that is from a parody of the game, not the actual game.


Before everyone gets all huffy about how I should’ve bloody well done my research before acting like Nintendo is this behemoth of a monster for letting kids watch animated babies get drowned, keep in mind that the footage of Mario drowning in the game Super Mario 64 is real. I’ve not seen that specific footage in the game, but I have seen where Mario drowns in Super Mario 64 and it really is real, it really does happen. Thus, the notion of Mario drowning in another game didn’t seem too far-fetched. What seemed far-fetched was that Nintendo would feature a drowned baby in a game, but I figured since they’d had the one, it was within the realm of possibility that they’d have the other.

What I should’ve done was vet the footage to see if it was parody and I didn’t.

If you’re wondering whether I’m gonna remove the video, re-cut it, and re-post it, I currently have no plans to do so for three reasons.

1. I’m lazy,
2. the portions of the video where I talk about the drowned baby are funny and so
3. I don’t mind if I’m made to look the fool for 2’s sake.

So as I mentioned in the new annotation on the video, my apologies to Nintendo, and everyone who sees the video, for the misrepresentation of one of Nintendo’s products, please disregard my related comments on said product, and I promise to do better research next time.


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