For those who wonder why #atheists are so in-your-face…

I happened upon this on the A-News Discussion page on Facebook and, while it only applies to Muslim atheism and apostasy, it’s indicative of the historic treatment of all atheists. And realistically, our collective historic treatment only shifted from one of serious death threats and actual executions at the hands of Christians to not-so serious death threats and no executions within the last 150 years or so.

3 Responses to “For those who wonder why #atheists are so in-your-face…”

  1. Great article, Penn Jillette gave a great argument here as to why tolerance is condescending. I believe atheists need to be more militant given the amount of corruption caused by religion.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Ethan,

      Thanks for dropping by! Another Hill. We’re taking over. I’ll have to check out that video soon. I just now finished my latest in my conversation with Robyn Hill, so it may take ma a while.



    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Nice! Hadn’t seen that. Will have to re-post here soon. Thanks!

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