Behold, #atheist funnies!

Since I’ve been so bogged down with other stuff, I’ve found precious little time for major updates here. I’m still in progress on many things, but few will immediately come to fruition, so until then, here’s some brain candy!


I bumped into The Atheist Pig through the cool cats at Generation Atheist and boy am I glad I did! A fun artistic style and to-the-point, irrefutable narratives! Oink on, Mike of Atheist Pig. Oink on.


From Atheist Connect. I’ve known about Heathens for quite a while, but hadn’t gotten around to posting on it. I really enjoy stick figure style. I like how it forces the artist to render complex ideas with simplicity.

I saw this a long time ago on Atheist Connect, then on their page on Facebook. It made me laugh out loud. Isn’t it true, though? The religious hate, hate, hate science when it conflicts with their beliefs right up until the point where they need medical science. Or computer science. Or environmental science. Or any kind of science. Then they just can’t get enough! Well, except for Christian Scientists. But they’re fucking nuts.


Finally, my first love, Atheist Cartoons! What I love about this one is I’ve definitely had my fair share of conversations with fellow atheists where I wanted to punch them. Specifically one who (falsely) equated the experience of the Jews in the Holocaust to the experience of the mentally challenged and others who claimed that Islam caused 9/11.

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