Thank you, #DarkMatter2525, for your awesome ‘toon “How #God Favors Evil”!

I’ve waited a long time for DarkMatter’s latest. Here it is:

“Will that un-rape the woman??”


DarkMatter brings up the fantastic point that I’d honestly never considered. If God has a plan, then that automatically means we have no free will because anything we choose is already part of the plan. And of course free will is horseshit in a universe controlled by an omniscient god.

What’s really funny is the ad that popped up right before the video was this:

Cute, little Daisy Chou. I followed her link to Found this:

Why I am a Mormon

I prayed for God to help me understand if the gospel, the fully restored gospel of Jesus Christ, was true. Once I knew it was true, I didn’t have much choice but to accept it and though it was a huge and often difficult change then… now, I have been forever blessed for my faithfulness and my testimony has only grown since then.

In looking for the original YouTube link, I decided to leave the following comment:

What convinced Daisy that LDS was true?

[quoted as above]

That’s right. She decided it was. No evidence. None at all. Thank Joseph Smith she’s not a criminal judge. 😀

Since comments require uploader approval, and since the uploader is Mormon, I doubt my comment will reach the video’s page.

Since Daisy called herself a dedicated blogger, I decided to Google her. Here she is:


And this is what she says about herself:

Daisy …
I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June 2009. I grew up without a religion in my family, went to CMC for my bachelors, found the Church through co-workers and the internet and am currently at home with my son and working part-time (from home) as the Operations and Finance Director for an executive search firm. I am a wife, a new mom!, a daughter, a sister, an awesome aunt, a friend, a blogger, a wanna be fitness guru, a wanna be cook, a little A.D.D., a little type A and I am Mormon.

Ha! She went to the Claremont Colleges like I did.

Here’s what her husband has to say about himself:


Andy …
I grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served a two year mission in Hong Kong, graduated from BYU and am currently working on my MD. I am a husband, a new dad!, a son, a brother, an awesome uncle, a friend, a golfer, a sports enthusiast, a Cougar fan, a furniture builder in the making, a competitive board game player, and I am Mormon.

Bingo! Daisy had no religion growing up, but hottie Mormon Boy comes along and suddenly, she’s in the church! Woo too for (presumed) social pressure!

Wanting to know more, I’ve left the following comment on the blog’s current post:

Hi Daisy,

I saw your Mormon ad on YouTube. I find the fact that you converted fascinating. I find your reason, “Once I knew [the Book of Mormon] was true,” even more fascinating. Especially since it’s more a declaration than a reason. What was it that convinced you that LDS is true?



I left my name and this site as my ID. We’ll see if she responds.

8 Responses to “Thank you, #DarkMatter2525, for your awesome ‘toon “How #God Favors Evil”!”

  1. supaflowapowa Says:

    I”m so flattered that you took the time to come to my lil old blog. Lil ol me, convert who became Momo for her hottie husband. Right… cuz I couldn’t find any hot and decent guys before he came along. Right… cuz I am anti-social, weird blogger who decided she would give up her raging party and alcohol filled lifestyle to dedicate her life to becoming better, more patient, not cuss, not be vulgar, to go to Church on Sundays for three hours, to make promises to a God that I believes exists and gave His Son for me to be. Right. How could I not realize that?! I better hope my marriage lasts cuz if it doesn’t.. and you’re right.. I’m definitely screwed! Thanks for pointing that out to me. Good thing I’m Asian and submissive too, right? THANK YOU!
    LOL. You seriously crack me up. By the way, I started investigating the Church way before I met my husband hottie, I was going to get baptized when I was two lessons in but felt my logical side (and former agnostic beliefs) tell me to take it slowly…. and my hottie had a missionary (another hottie believe it or not) when I met him… and we didn’t date until after I had been a member for a few months. But even if I had converted for him (which a lot of girls do and by golly, if they feel the Spirit and they have a testimony, who are we to judge?!.. and if they don’t and they go inactive or whatever, it’s their choice! who are we to say oh my goodness Becky, can you believe she got baptized so she could get marry? a lot of girls do way worse)….hehe.
    Anyway… I stopped by to point out that what we Mormons, or members of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe ….is not exactly the religion I would have “converted” for a man in order to get married. Why? Umm… check out what we believe at and how we live by our faith.. it’s not easy bro! It would have been much easier to stick to my ways and become some religious INSERT HERE that would not have encouraged me to change so much. But hey, the changes have been blessings and I am loving it! Just some food for thought. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come by whenever. Take care and have a great weekend!

    • Thomas Crowell Says:

      Actually, you went with the people that let you make up your own mind not with those that you thought were confronting you. if it’s all about interpretation than the literal facts don’t matter. The literal facts meaning… Joseph Smith was a know liar and con-artist from a family of said con-artists and treasurehunters (all of which would make him biblically unsound), he not only raised a militia to be bigger than any other but even tried to become elected president of the united states with plans to become king, plus in the pearl of great price (which is still considered a sacredly inspired work by the LDS) said women were second to men in heaven and that a book know as the Book of Ether was actually the Book of Abraham. The library of congress actually has Joseph Smith’s scroll that he bought and said was the book of Abraham… it is actually a scroll about Anubis resurecting the soul after death and is 4 pages long. The LDS claim it was 10+ pages long originally and that each symbol could stand for whole tracts of the story (not just a word or sentence but paragraphs of info). The library of congress even has Joseph Smith’s notes of which there are at least 4 identifible handwriten scripts. Joseph Smith claimed to have translated it alone but we know who all helped him come up with the story and it’s in their own handwriting. We even have proof he did not understand heiroglyphics by examining his incorrect translation and assumption of how Egyptian was written. In Fact, Joseph Smith supposedly ‘deciphered’ this scroll before the Rosetta Stone was discovered. No one until then (roughly 30 years later) knew how to read or translate heiroglyphics. When we were able to we discovered Joseph Smith was lieing. He even redrew a badly decomposing depiction of Anubis raising a dead man to be an Egyptian Priest trying to sacrifice Abraham.

      These and many other facts about biblical history and law are the reason why I believe you failed to do your homework. Even the founding fathers tried to prove that Native Americans were Jewish… we’ve looked into the DNA and that is not the case. Especailly considering that older civilizations made it here before Israel even existed.

      My point is… you listened to a book. One book. And you listened to your emotions. And you listened to everyone in the church. You didn’t listen to those you thought were trying to hinder you. That attitude usually makes a person go with what makes them feel good… freedom of choice feels good. Good feelings can lead one astray… ask the Nazis. (not that you are a Nazi) I’ve been to Mormon worship services, gone to their classes,read their book, and have friends in the church. It isn’t true. What it is, is a clever twisting of ideology to try and convince people they are coming up with everything on their own. When Thomas Monson said, on live streaming video during one service, ‘We are the army of God and we need to bring this country back to him,’ well the audience agreed… but not me… that was a declaration of war. That was treason against the freedom of religion. That is very similar to the fundementalist Islamic phrases, and damn near identical. It also is similar to the Nazi’s saying “Gott mit uns.”

      If you really think that an all-good and just God will get a crinkle in his panties over the idea of swearing or someother equally absurd notion of human behavior… then he is not an all-good, or just God. You made yourself a good person because you wanted to be a good person… you are giving the book too much credit and by the transitive of that idea you are giving the church a similar credit that is undeserved. They are one of, if not the, biggest income earning religions and instead of helping the poor, sick, lame, criminals, or even their own congregation… they like to enforce 20-25% of your income be made as a tithes to them. The money pays to open more churches and create funds to help those struggling with bills or food problems. But if you don’t make the required tithe you are banned from places like the shepherd’s pantry and they won’t pay your bills. LDS members in Utah are also know for their cruelty to children abandoning them to be homeless and uneducated because they reject the church.

      and a few more things… deseret is a made up word… it is NOT the jewish word for honey bee… the LDS lies and you swallow it because you want to believe rather than acknowledge the truth. just be thankful you didn’t have darker skin or they might think you are a Lamanite.

      ps. Jesus was never annointed on the head with oil by the priesthood… thus he can not be the Mashiach (Messiah).

  2. […] I wrote about Daisy here, she contacted me. And here’s what she had to say to me (I’m in italics, she’s in […]

  3. Says:

    I also am fascinated by this woman. I checked out her blog after seeing her religion’s commercial, too. After reading her posts, it seems like she’s, well, a bit self-centered and unsympathetic to others who come from more challenging circumstances than she does–a true right-winger. (By golly, I’m a minority and I made my life great with my very own white-washed boot straps, so screw all you hippies, atheists, and other notasgoodasme’s!!)

    So, the LDS church with all of its following the rules and accumulating outward sign of (self-) righteousness seems like a great fit for her. I wonder, does it matter to her (or is she even aware of it yet? she must have seen the signs, right??) that her hottie is what “The Church” likes to call SSA?

    Girl, please. Get the ‘dar.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Snarky,

      I haven’t read much of Daisy’s blog. In fact, the only bits I read were where I was trying to find out how to contact her. Thus, I can’t speak to her right-wingedness, but it’s not a huge shock.

      Funny you mention the great fit of the LDS church as a (former) friend of mine became born-again over 15 years ago and it seemed to suit her interest in judging others as well. What’s SSA? That hadn’t crossed my mind about him. I guess she’ll have a rude awakening when either A. their sex life goes away, B. she finds porn on his computer, or C. he simply comes out after 20 years of marriage.

      You may be interested to know that I’ve not heard from Daisy since I posted her and my conversation and alerted her to the fact. My biggest frustration with her has been what it is with anyone of her stripe. They crow nice and loud about knowing the “truth” and when you ask them specifically how they know: radio silence. Given that she’s voluntarily been a church emissary to the rest of us, this seems an extremely disingenuous stand to take. If you want people in your church, wouldn’t you be willing to answer their more basic questions?

      Finally, I plan to do some sort of video review/parody of her ad. Just not sure when I can get around to it.



  4. I have often thought many Asians because of their desire for education would more critically study the claims of Mormonism. For example the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Many of the animals mentioned in the Book of Mormon did not exist in the Americas before the Spanish arrived. There were no “swords of steel” “Horses” “chariots” and none of the cities mentioned there have been found in the Mayan area in central America. Her studies are in finance, so never acquired some tools to more accurately test the claims of Mormonism. But then she has the old Mormon chestnut that is if you pray about it you will have the truth revealed to you. Mormons like to brag about their growth in numbers. If you do a study of many countries census religions on religion you will find a large difference between those who enter their faith as Mormon and the numbers the church claim they have. Many inactive mormons.

    • Hi Noel, sorry for the delay. I’m way behind on everything.

      I actually don’t think your assessment is true at all of Asians. Having taught in the Asian communities (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese), I’ve definitely seen an emphasis on it, but I’ve also seen the same frailties all humans face: confirmation bias; in-group bias; etc. I”m sure all you say of Mormonism is true, but I got the impression from Daisy that that simply doesn’t matter. She along the line somewhere decided that Mormonism is true, emotionally attached to it, and that’s the end of the story. the problem with her chestnut is when I asked her questions, she simply leapt to all the same bullshit )”You think I’m Asian and therefore submissive!” No, I didn’t say that.) Eh, Mormons can claim whatever growth they want. Doesn’t make them right. 🙂

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