Congratulations, #Norway, for joining the end of the 18th century!


As the National Secularism Society in the UK reports here, Norway’s officially separated from the Church of Norway, although as the article states:

The nation will have no official religion, and the government will not participate in the appointment of church deans and bishops. However, the church tax will remain in place and churches will continue to receive the lion’s share, with humanist organisations benefitting to a lesser extent.

Some good. Some bad. Not quite to the level of our First Amendment, but progress. The interesting thing to note about our First Amendment, though, is that the legal implications all us atheists squawk about are not their original intent. Just one point is that the reach of the First Amendment originally only applied to laws passed by Congress. Not to individual states.

Seems our cherished Wall of Separation hasn’t always been there and hasn’t always been built of solid stone. It, like most else, evolved.

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