Behold, the inaugural #ANews Podcast Episode Number 1 with #BrianAllen, #LeeMoore, #SteveShives, and Yours Truly!

Ever since I started this site, I’d intended to do a podcast. It wasn’t gonna be anything crazy, like The Atheist Experience, but maybe some conversation between me and some guests. Not even famous guests, just people I liked to talk to. Obviously, that never materialized. But I even had a dedicated download page for when I’d finally have them. After several months of the page sitting there, crying out for the lack of material, I finally unceremoniously retired it.

The world wept.

I didn’t think about it for a long time. I listened to other atheist podcasts with a great deal of pride in what they were accomplishing and a touch of envy in what I was never getting around to. At A-News’ generous invitation, I got involved in their show. I made insanely important and relevant video segments seen the world over. Sure, it took forever to shoot and edit the damn things before it then took forever again to upload them to the A-News server, but I was changing the world.

Then it happened.

I saw an announcement on the A-News Facebook page that the boys were looking to do a podcast. Right on, bitches! With surprising ease of coordination, we whipped out our Skypes, I stuck in my headphones so as not to annoy the wife, and we dove right in.

Then, shockingly, the VERY NEXT DAY, the boys had it up.

Without further ado, and with only one blowhard rant by me on the bullshit that is NDEs, here is:

The A-News Podcast Episode I

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