My Statement Regarding @DrWayneWDyer on 6/29/12

This is statement originated with activity that inspired this post. I have a zero-tolerance level for bullshit, but an even lower one (is that possible?) for New Age, “open mind”, all-ideas-are-equally-valid bullshit. Especially that of charlatans like Dr. Wayne Dyer who claim that if you imagine a job, you’ll get it. My text is in italics. The believer’s is in bold. Comments are [in brackets].

Dr. Dyer’s received the comments you wrote on his interview.

Can we assume, then, that the comments we already left on that page he’s either read or will read?

He even read yours too, Anton.

I figure he’s ignored it. Taking responsibility for fraud tends to lower one’s book sales, but I thought I’d check. 🙂

He read and respects your opinion. He’s been in the business longer than I’ve been born so he’s used to opinions for and against his work. He let’s criticisms roll off his back. I doubt his intention is defrauding people. He’s a genuine man and believes in what he teaches as much as you believe in yours. He raised $150 million dollars for PBS, didn’t make a penny off of it so I doubt he does it for the money. He’s a good person, you’d like him even if you disagree with his belief system.

I take issue with your calling what I’ve said my “opinion.” The facts are these:

  1. Dr. Dyer makes absolute claims about reality for which
  2. he not only provides zero evidence, but
  3. he denies responsibility for the need to do so despite the fact that he’s the one who’s made the positive claim, and
  4. he charges money for 1. in spite of 2. and 3., which
  5. is specifically regarding a very serious issue, unemployment.

None of these is my opinion. None of these is in dispute. He makes money off of telling people something that he has admitted has not been proven. If he were a simple tarot card reader claiming that what he says “may” happen, but tempered it with “for entertainment purposes only”, that’d be one thing, but he makes absolute claims about reality and provides no disclaimers.

Please keep in mind that I’m speaking from a place of experience. I was raised in the Association of Unity Churches, which made identical claims. I’m not using “identical” in some odd, figurative way. I mean he uses the exact same terms I heard for years. “Manifesting” and “aligning with energy” and “visualizing” and all that jazz. Know what happened when I asked questions about how anyone in Unity knew their claims to be true? I was answered with “keep an open mind”, “no one’s disproved this”, or “you’re just being cynical.” None of these responses provides evidence for claims made and all shirk responsibility for the same.

It may not be his stated purpose to defraud people, but frauds very rarely admit that that’s what they’re doing and what he does is no more responsible (nor respectable) than snake oil selling or faith-healing. The claims he makes are identical to those made of snake oil and faith-healing. He gets away with it most likely because what he hawks is more socially acceptable. But social acceptability doesn’t equal validity.

The amount of money he’s raised for PBS is irrelevant to the claims he makes. Oral Roberts raised millions of dollars ultimately used for good, but also defrauded his flock. The two things can happen at the same time.

I don’t doubt that he’s a nice individual. That’s irrelevant to my skepticism of his claims.

Here’s a thought. Suggest to Dr. Dyer that he subject his teachings to the Randi Foundation test. Have a group of, say, 50 individuals who try his techniques for six months and 50 who don’t. See how many of each group find jobs of whatever quality for whatever pay. If it can be proven that his techniques work any better than plain old ordinary reality, then he can donate the prize money to PBS or whatever other cause he chooses. He has absolutely nothing to lose (expect for his reputation) and a ton to gain.

The believer never responded to my last comments. I was annoyed by this specifically in regards to my points on my statements not being opinions and in regards to my mention of the James Randi Foundation Million Dollar Challenge. Oh, well. On to Dr. Dyer. My irritation with him is two-fold. One, he makes bullshit claims with zero evidence to back them up. Two, though, he admits this, seemingly proudly. He’s said he doesn’t care. The brazen attitude I almost kind of admire, but I wonder how he could NOT be considered a charlatan with such arrogance regarding his bullshit claims. That’s why I suggested the Challenge. If Dr. Dyer’s “teachings” (I hate it when people call bullshit “teachings”) have any validity at all, why not test them? He has nothing to lose and a million bucks to gain. I mean, shit, he could totally blow his own horn by donating that money and thus creating a wave of good-will publicity. He could totally shove it in skeptical faces. “Look at me! I’m Dr. Wayne Dyer and not only did my teachings withstand the Million Dollar Challenge, but now I’m donating every cent of my winnings to the Blah Blah Charity!” I guess he could make the argument that his claims aren’t testable, but then I’d ask him what the fuck’s the point of his bullshit as opposed to any other? I stupidly expect people to take responsibility for their beliefs, especially those who claim to be open-minded, and yet I’m perpetually disappointed. Woe is me.

12 Responses to “My Statement Regarding @DrWayneWDyer on 6/29/12”

  1. James Randi Says:

    I see this is headed, “For the Randi Foundation.” We don’t need or encourage this sort of juvenile material, and I’ll thank you to spare us any more.

    James Randi.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi James,

      Nice to meet you. I’m a little unclear as to what you mean. Are you calling Dr. Dyer’s material juvenile? If so, I agree, but I have no power over whether he chooses to submit himself to your challenge. Plus, Dr. Dyer’s material seems right up your alley since he makes supernatural claims for which he has no evidence. I mean, is his material really any more juvenile than your basing at least one TV show off of the practice of debunking people like a kid claiming to be able to turn pages of a book using psychic powers? Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed the bit, but I smell a touch of pots calling kettles certain opaque colors.

      If you meant the conversation I posted was juvenile, again, I have to agree (to a degree), but it has absolutely no effect on your foundation and challenge. Nor did I forward it to you; you visited me. And then there’s that whole debunked psychic page-turner thing that also applies here.

      If you meant this site in its entirety is juvenile, damn it I have to agree again, but it’s really only sometimes. And honestly, what did you expect, James? It’s called “Atheist Asshole.” 😀

      As a heads-up, I’ll be writing about this exchange soon, so there you are: heads up.

      Thanks for writing.



  2. I found this enjoyable and reflective of my own thought regarding “Dr” Dyer. He apparently insists on the title since I see it everywhere, but he is entitled to that moniker based on his getting a PhD in educational counseling and is by no means a doctor in any other way. (wannabe maybe?) I was just listening to him on a radio show ranting about how he thinks Romney has something to hide because Romney has not released all his tax returns. Gee, I bet the same thing could be said about Dyer’s Saviour Obama for not releasing certain documents about Obama .But of course this fact was not even mentioned. Then Dyer says “enough about this” when he is the one who brought up the subject out of the blue during a non-political conversation. I have come to the conclusion that Dyer is full of hot air and likes to hear himself talk.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Sherri,

      Thanks! To be fair, it’s completely legitimate to call oneself “doctor” without being a medical doctor. My dad and brother are both doctors of philosophy and share not a shred of medical knowledge between them.

      I can’t really comment on the Romney/Obama situation as I’m largely ignorant of it. I believe the gist of it is, though, that Romney in the past has demanded that others reveal their tax returns, but he refuses to reveal his, which is hypocritical. The same thing maybe could be said of Obama, but I don’t know if he’s made similar demands of others in the past.

      My biggest concern with Dr. Dyer is that he’s a liar. He knows that “visualizing” a job won’t make one attain one, but he pretends it will and he makes money off the lie.



  3. Wow this really was written by an asshole.

  4. I like your idea! I have a lot of serious issues with Dyer myself as well as the “new age” movement. I don’t like to call them “teachings” either. Why did he not just stick with being a self help, motivational speaker? I think he should leave his SEARCH for Spirituality PRIVATE. Why make it public? Because he needs to write yet ANOTHER book. The bulk of his books (and I have not read them but I have listened to enough of his “talks” to understand and the titles themselves are enough for me to know I don’t want to read them” I heard a bit of his first book on Audio, NOT impressed, nothing there I cannot learn from the original sources. He WAS good at quoting others. but reciting spiritual truths is FAR from knowing and understanding them as he appears to THINK he has done. It makes me cringe when I hear them call him a “master teacher”????What??? Seems to me they have made up their own religion to suit their own egotistical and material needs. Seems to me that their God is Money and that they are the Guru for people whose God is money. Motivational speakers are at least HONEST they they are “preaching” to help people achieve WORLDLY GOALS, BUT when Dyer tries to have his cake and eat it too by now putting Spirit in there and CLAIMING to Know the Truth it is downright offensive to me.
    I have wondered too, if he believes this LOA crap so much and if he is so “enlightened” spiritually and is so “loving” as he CLAIMS (and those who ARE don’t announce it or need to they announce it by their ACTIONS, not words). But I wondered why then does he not take these books that he believes “work ” to manifest what the hell ever and GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE TO THE POVERTY STRICKEN AREAS OF THE WORLD? AFTERALL would not then they be able to uplift themselves from poverty? He is a hypocrite, to say he’s spiritual , because any TRUE spiritually enlightened soul would never hoard millions and riches in a world of suffering. Nor do they spend hours flaunting their own worldly success and material wealth to others.
    Why NOT give your idea the try? It is very reasonable isn’t it? Plus, in a world of suffering there are many who could benefit from the prize money too. Thanks for trying! and for providing a place for those like myself (though I feel very much a minority) that do not believe this and are offended that he misleads and confuses, leads people to being more selfish, and victim blame and in my view, ultimately adds more suffering to an already suffering world.

    • I’m not bothered by people trying to make a buck. What bothers me is the pretension that his books work. It’s bullshit pure and simple and he’s a liar. I imagine he’d never go for my idea for it would prove in the least that his books aren’t as effective as he claims.

  5. Anton,
    Great post. Great topic. But, is Dyer a really charlatan and /or liar?
    Obviously, to anyone who really listens to all Dyer says and rationally checks out his statements and ‘teachings’ you’ll probably
    come away with a more than general feeling of ‘bullsh*t, for lack of a better word. Deborah Decker comments are a good example of that.
    But, to expose liars, one needs to expose their lies with crystal clear truths. As time went on, and as Dyer’s audience and acceptance grew, he continued to say more and more bizarre statements, stories and ideas to continue to sell himself, his product image and his books. This is wealth of woo material to pick apart. And would seem an easy target. But, I rarely see posts exposing his many outrageous lies like this.
    Two of the more blatant and bizarre stories he told regard his miraculous healing of cancer by quack faith healer john of god and his own personal favorite story( of course talking about himself): the scurvy elephant story. These are so obviously made up fabrications.
    He claims ( straight faced) that he was remotely cured of Leukemia by the ‘electromagnetic forces’ of the ‘entities’ and quack john of god. Who by the way, was 10,000 miles away in Brazil. All Dyer had to do was wear white, drink water and go to bed. What an unbelievable story. Oh and to top it off… Dyer claims( and crows) about how his $17,000 wrist watch was broken by these electromagnetic forces during this made up procedure. Boo-hoo.
    footnoted here:

    The scurvy elephant story is a really a great story about how Dyer thinks of himself. He used this story to emphasize his uniqueness and individuality. But a true reading and history of the original story( which Dyer glommed ) shows the emperor’s new clothes.

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