So long, @BionicDance, and thanks for all the chowda!

This was a long time in coming. And I’d be lying if I said it had absolutely nothing to do with this. Sure, I found Keight’s complete dismissal of my points infuriating, but at the time, I was totally willing to let bygones be bygones for the sake of mature decency and the fact that we’re both contributors to Support Atheism and the larger atheism movement. Even when she pulled this horseshit after realizing there was someone who wasn’t lining up to suck her ass.

But, as the months progressed, I noticed my overall willingness to put up with the unending Star Wars references (we get it, Keight: you like Star Wars), the constant, pedantic, condescending, pointless “PWN”ings, and just her attitude and style were wearing mighty thin.

So I ignored her.

I didn’t unsubscribe. I didn’t write any hate mail. I was honestly too lazy to do the former and saw no reason for the latter. But then, I saw this (the original’s been removed, so here’s a similar one):

I was both appalled and not surprised at all. I’d always thought the chick couldn’t deal with those who disagreed with her, even if they had pretty fucking good reason for it. And I’d actually been on her side of the “babies are atheists” debate until the above cats convinced me otherwise.

But to see her fail so miserably at not only making her argument, but also being decent in her rebuttal of tUKA and TBA, that was it. The straw. I grant my respect, time, and attention to those I feel merit it.

So here’s me subscribed:

And here’s me unsubscribed:

Here’s my endorsement of Keight:

And here’s my lack of endorsement of Keight:

Will this make any difference at all in Keight’s life? Of course not. One less fan of her thousands won’t make a dent in her views or ad revenue.

But at least her bullshit will have two fewer ears on which to fall.

4 Responses to “So long, @BionicDance, and thanks for all the chowda!”

  1. InvincibleIronyMann Says:

    I used to like Keight and I was subscribed to her channel for a long time. Then one day I got in a conversation with her and found her to be condescending, humourless and unable to take constructive criticism.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Isn’t that the thing, though? All is good until you talk with her. I was really blown away by her reaction to my criticism on her “Islam caused 9/11” thing. I don’t expect her or anyone to agree with me, but yeah, condescension would be a word for it. Whatever. Screw her. 😛

  2. It didn’t take long to see though her thin skin, after viewing just her videos on apistevism and atheist babies. Actually, it was a bit amusing.
    She refered to anyone who disagreed with the notion of atheist babies as “retarded”, and claimed to ALMOST have bloked me for opening a comment with perfect honesty . . . . By calling her a moron.

    But I never bothered interacting further. I just made sure to unsubscribe and NOT click on any of her material, thus ensuring she makes no revenue off off me.

    I know that were are all technically on the side of Atheism/Secularism, but I find this whole modern philosophy of coming to atheism then not bothering to progress any further . . . As inteccectually lazy.
    She is one of the more loud mouthed and condesending of the bunch, but she is not the only one who seems to see no need in testing her conclusions. Its part of the reason why I hate how the movement wraps itself in the word “logic”.

    • It’s so funny you found this as I haven’t thought of BD in months and months.

      I agree with your conclusion on “logic.” I’ve been frustrated for years that some of the more prominent voices in the “movement” demand that we question and scrutinize faith, but when it comes to other subjects, frequently feminism, we’re just supposed to accept whatever narrative. And I’m a feminist!

      thus my on-going campaign of ignoring people. And interviewing them on #AtheistEditedShow!

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