The Great Poster of All Who Will Perish!

A friend sent me this:


That’s a lot of groups. And what makes the sign holder right? And seriously, am I missing something? Without fornication, how does the species continue?? Isn’t that counter to being fruitful?

Did they mean “Bahai”?

7 Responses to “The Great Poster of All Who Will Perish!”

  1. How about those with a basic grasp of punctuation?

  2. I’m enjoying all the apostrophes….

  3. I love all of the unneeded apostrophes.

    AHAHAHA all of my lols.

  4. As a loud mouthed, feminist, atheist, fornicator, that’s me damned! Given me a good laugh though.

  5. InvincibleIronyMan Says:

    I love the devil because he’s one of my favorite fictional characters. He’s much better written and more relatable than this “Lord” character who keeps appearing with him.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s been a meme or meme-like thing floating around giving the death tolls of God and Satan. God’s is MUCH higher. 🙂 It’s like wait, remind me, who was the evil one again??

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