@QualiaSoup makes us all look bad (again)!

It’s been a good couple of weeks with new DarkMatter and NonStemp. But now new QS??

I’m proud of a couple of videos I’ve made. Even though they’ve pretty much been me griping to the camera. QualiaSoup is great not only because of his motion-graphics sparkle, but of course the arguments he makes, the facts he cites to back them up, and the stunning clarity with which he presents them.

Interesting, too, that the new topic, substance dualism, should cover almost exactly the bullshit claims of near-death experiences I’ve been discussing with AnduinX on YouTube.

One Response to “@QualiaSoup makes us all look bad (again)!”

  1. You have no right to post stupid idoitic shoes on YouTube that are not based on religion I am Christian to begin with you are ruining the scriptures from the holy bible that was not meant for but we already know about your fake stunts that you post for no stupid reason you are the problem that god will not allow you exploit his wonders and you will stand before his judgement seat and you be judged by the almighty god who is the lord of heaven and earth and the creation which he made and you are Satan’s pawn on this very day satan will be killed and burned by the might of god

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