@leelem0n clears up #Pentecostal #glossolalia for me (and gives me a li’l shout)!

I love glossolalia, or speaking in tongues. I was first vaguely aware of it as a kid, but I didn’t then really understand that it was considered literally speaking the language of God or speaking with God. I thought, through my then-New-Age filter, that it was just some kooky, metaphoric thing people in fundamentalist churches did. You know, those crazy ones. Not at all like us crystal-helaing, aura-glow-watching, law-of-attraction-abiding God-is-love monkeys.

When I got a little older, I learned that some sects, like Pentecostals (and Mormons), took the whole thing seriously, and that the odd sounds they made were that language. Examples like this (The best part of which is when the pastor chides her flock for not doing it long enough):

I’d of course known it was all bullshit. I’d even looked up the facts of glossolalia. Like that though people use actual phonemes that exist in real languages, there’s no actual pattern or system of grammar rules or vocabulary. But I’d been fascinated by the practice.

By random chance, I happened on Lee Lemon on YouTube and asked her about it. Here’s her response:

And here’s her Tumblr post. Which I’ve of course since re-blogged on my semi-retired Tumblr account.

Thanks Lee! More questions coming!

2 Responses to “@leelem0n clears up #Pentecostal #glossolalia for me (and gives me a li’l shout)!”

  1. Hey, thanks so much for this shout out, I appreciate it ^_^

    • Hi Lee, no problem. I’m a little surprised that you just saw this as it’s been up for a while. Hey, you might be interested to know that I’ve been inspired by your various series and have started to do a little vlog series of my own. Check it out on my channel. YouTube / antonahill.

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