(#JimmyStewart voice): I never realized I had so many friends!

In case you’re wondering, my J. Stew impression is SPOT-ON (as is my James Mason). I used to have a page on here called “friends” where I dropped in names and messages from people who’d said kind things. But there were some problems.

  1. Not that many people.
  2. Not that much said.
  3. Some of it was spam.

So because the page wasn’t doing much but being pathetic, I ditched it.

But then…

I’ve been meeting all kinds of cool atheist cats and many of them have done me a great kindness by promoting me, so I thought it’d be cool to have a little place where I could do the same. There’s only a couple of people now, but maybe that’ll expand. So please go check out the chaps (and chapettes) under “My Friends.”

6 Responses to “(#JimmyStewart voice): I never realized I had so many friends!”

  1. Are you a musical theater fan? I love any era that predates the invention of gay and black (non step and fetchit ) folks. Lolita is an intense film, the shift from black comedy to tragedy is compelling and unique. Those poor misunderstood pedophiles. The character in Nabikov’s (pardon my spelling) book was 12 which was sanitized to a respectable 14 for the movie. Jimmy Stewart is an overly affected americana douche albeit an icon (don’t know enough of his work to call his iconic stature undeserved but barf hated It’s a Wonderful Life.) Congrats on your talents. I have similar ones and am a technical virtuoso vocally. Have you tried singing? The two skills are interrelated. Do you have an ear for harmonies/countermelodies etc. Those inate abilities (with practice and development) could merge with your obvious latent homosexual tendencies to make you a teen idol or boy band sensation. Dare to dream. Thank someone Obama.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I’m not really a musical theater fan. I am a Stewart and Mason fan. I haven’t read Lolita, but I’ve seen the Kubrick and later TV versions.

      I can understand why you say that about Stewart. He is rather idealized.

      I haven’t •tried• singing more than a silly EP I half-released long ago and the occasional crooning for my wife. I do have a bit of an ear, though, yes.

      Laten homosexual tendencies? Not sure where you’re getting that.

      • I’m sorry. I thought it was common knowledge at this point that
        James Mason and Jimmy Stewart had a long passionate love
        affair rivaled in intensity only by Hepurn and Tracy (Tracy being
        a good Catholic didn’t divorce but instead publically humiliated
        his wife and no doubt emotionally tortured her for decades,
        great guy thanks religion for going beyond stupid into evil .)
        Hollywood insiders have attested to this fact in overwhelming
        numbers. Too soon? If you’re interested you can take lessons
        and practice harmonies and counter melodies with music but I
        tend to think if that is one’s calling they will engage in it of their
        own valition. Music is a great outlet and good for the soul even
        as a hobby. You don’t have to be that good to join a boy band
        producers can clean up a lot but you’ll have to work on your dance moves and adopt a snazzy moniker. Carpe diam!

        • Misspelled carpe diem but in my defense I have been drinking.
          I’m still on this anti 12 step crusade. This is impacting everyone
          in unseen but profoundly insidious and pervasive ways.

        • Anton A. Hill Says:

          Had no idea on Stewart/Mason, but also thought you were referring to my alleged latent homosexuality.

  2. Word on the street is the Stewart and Mason estates are gearing up
    to file a slander/libel lawsuit against both of us (I wrote it but you
    approved it which my lawyer will argue makes you slightly more
    responsable in regards to this matter.) I have a friend who can
    doctor up some photos (superimpose images etc.) in our defense.
    The great American novel I’ve been working on isn’t really panning
    out so I thought I’d try my hand at journalism. I’d lawyer up if I were you (you must have some Jew friends out there in tinsletown.)
    Did you know that Kim Kardashian is a child molester and get this not very bright. I will bring truth to the American public.

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