Thank you, @MittRomney, for being such a great, #magicunderwear-wearing dick!

I don’t usually get political on this site, mainly because it’s not called “Atheist Political Asshole”, but also because, well, politics isn’t always relevant to atheism.
But now…

(This may be a bit of a nonsensical rant, so please be patient.)

I left the Democratic party in ’04 after a lifetime of near-undying loyalty (which I can’t fully explain beyond parental indoctrination) because, with W’s colossal fuck-ups, the donkeys still managed to be colossal pussies and lose the election. I’ve since learned that it’s usually very difficult to unseat an incumbent president, but at that point, I was just pissed.

  • I was pissed when Kerry wouldn’t take a public stand against homophobia.
  • I was pissed when Kerry didn’t immediately deal with that whole bullshit swift boat hogwash.
  • I was pissed that Kerry seemed to react rather than act.

(I have a point.)

And when election night was done, so was I. I was sick and tired of the Dems seemingly taking votes like mine for granted. (Interestingly enough, since then, I’ve received Republican solicitations–which is awesome because in their attempt to gain one’s vote, they’re honest about their policies since they assume you’re a ultra-right-wing whack job–but not a single Democrat one.) I figured they’d have to bray to get it back (get it? “bray” rhymes with “pray”?).

Then Obama showed up.

At first, I was like everyone else. No way in fuck was America EVER gonna elect a black president, especially when the Democrat base was so fiercely loyal to the Clinton machine.

I was wrong.

So ’08 went down and all was joy. When the current race began, I paid the Republicans little mind. They were offering up clowns like Michelle “pray the gay away”‘ Bachmann, Rick “pray for rain” Perry, and Rick “JFK makes me wanna puke” Santorum. I knew none of those pug-fucks had no chance on the national stage. When Bachmann won that straw poll, all I was thinking was “go ahead, hand the bitch more rope.”

Then the loons dropped out. The insanity whittled and watered down. At some point, I knew Romney was the choice. But then what was delightful was that even diehard Republicans were talking shit about him. Like when Palin gave him her less-than-enthusiastic endorsement. When Gingrich called him a liar. Ha!

(I swear I have a point.)

And then, perhaps due to necessity, they all got behind him and pretended to be excited. And the polls started to reflect that. Then Obama said he was for gay marriage. And the Republicans couldn’t do that because, shit, hating gays is part of their platform.

Then Obama tanked in his first debate. Then he didn’t in his second. Maybe he wouldn’t lose?

(Here’s my point:)

Last night, I finished filling out my ballot. For the first time in a very long time, I was proud to do it. Yes, California will almost certainly go blue. And LA county will almost certainly do the same. But in a time when it’s still somewhat socially acceptable to act like denying rights to any of our population based solely on religious convictions is good, maybe Obama didn’t always do the greatest job, maybe he should’ve been this, should’ve been that, but right now, what’s important to me is rights. And when one candidate believes in magic underwear, that it’s okay that the LDS church was publicly against blacks serving in their silly organization right up until the late ’70s, that it was okay for his silly organization to almost single-handedly finance an out-of-state campaign to limit rights to millions of Californians, and the other candidate yes, may be a Christian, but not only does none of those things, but in fact publicly supports or represents the opposite, my choice is clear.

I have performed my civic duty.

I have voted for Barack Obama.

4 Responses to “Thank you, @MittRomney, for being such a great, #magicunderwear-wearing dick!”

  1. Hi Anton,
    As I’ve been fond of saying for some time now, you believe in
    magic underwear you’re not getting my vote for leader of the free
    world. That makes me a bigot right, I engaged in the same kind of
    discriminitory behavior against some white supremecists once and
    later felt very ashamed of the intolerence I’d shown. Have you seen the recently exposed footage of Romney’s radio interview with some
    Mormon dude where he get’s really nasty and shows his real personality (I’m suprised he has one.) In defense of Kerry (my Dad
    was enraged that the Dems wouldn’t find a viable canidate) the first
    things he said were about raising the minimum wage (this is a demographic that doesn’t vote ) and that it was time the USA
    realized what every other Western democracy did, that healthcare
    was a right not a privlege. Your satisfaction in doing your civic duty
    despite it being a symbolic gesture rather than an exercise in
    democratic participation raises the issue of the electoral collage
    which was created(like the 2nd ammendment) in a radically different
    historical, logistical, societal and political context. The Constitution
    and all of our founding documents are meant to be living flexible
    structures that are still beholden to their underlying principles.
    Aside from the obvious choice I have never seen a statesman like
    Obama despite any dissapointment you may feel in some of his
    actions. He is an extroadinary human being and I am proud to call him my President. Few of us could walk a mile in his shoes. Take care and be well This is an historic election. Well done Mr. Pundit.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      It’s funny you mention bigotry as I got into this very discussion with my mom a couple of years back. I said something to the effect of “Mormons are crazy.” She came back with something to the effect of “That’s bigotry.” Here was my question: is pointing out something factual bigotry? If so, I’m a bigot. But if I am under those conditions, then so is everyone else and thus the word bigotry is rendered meaningless.

      I havne’t seen the Romney radio stuff, no.

      To be clear, I didn’t hate Kerry. I was just disappointed in his actions or lack thereof.

      I have very mixed feelings about the Electoral College and don’t pretend to be an expert. I’ve heard arguments for and against it and I’m not wholly convinced by either.

      I do agree with you, though, on the Constitution being an evolving document. Absolutely. 🙂

      • The dictionary definition of bigot includes bias against any given religion. As I wrote in a letter about immigration religion is a set of beliefs and behaviors not an immutable human characteristic such as race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. The societal conventional wisdom in the past has been that everyone needs a religion (how else would we know not to murder innocent people without religion human beings can have no moral compass.) Your mother and mine (who when I mention someone is gay says I don’t care as if she’s progressive and implying that I do when I’m very committed to civil rights for gay people) are uninformed and conforming to a socially acceptable PC line without giving any real thought to facts or justice. You and I are the ones who stand up and voice opinions when they are unpopular because we care about truth and morality and have thought about and researched issues of importance. The electoral college thing is obviously very complicated but all I know is that the fate of our nation is in the hands of a few people in Ohio who are too stupid and uninformed to understand the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans (and they fancy themselves critical thinkers and thoughtful) who are pandered to by the parties. Fuck you undecided voter. You’re a moron. And fuck the majority of Romney supporters who are voting against their own economic interests and probably their social beliefs. Obama has been vilified and lied about in obscene ways (there ought to be a law oh wait I think there is one.) The Romney radio interview footage is on You Tube. He’s a huge dick. Quell suprise. It’s amusing but it won’t be if he wins (he won’t) Be well and let’s get some public discourse going on. That’s what this country is (or should be) all about.

        • Anton A. Hill Says:

          You called it on Romney, though I had little doubt.

          Yeah, I tire of “bigot” being the cure-all term for… I don’t even know what. My problem with it is that, on some level, we’re all bigots. Everyone’s bigoted against pedophiles and serial killers.

          Ah, well, the PC engine rages ever on (for now).

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