Thank you, @steve_shives, for dishing out some more @MittRomney goodness!

Steve did a whole video on some stuff I’ve felt about Romney, but have been too lazy to say. So rather than waste my time saying it on YouTube, all I have to do is post Steve’s!

5 Responses to “Thank you, @steve_shives, for dishing out some more @MittRomney goodness!”

  1. You are hysterical and dead on. I don’t believe the Republicans really think tax cuts and policies that benefit the wealthy will help the American citizenry which the body politic is legally obliged to do. Our government has been hijacked and raped by the economic elite with a web of fraudulent bad faith lies. Romney’s record is from a left wing east coast state so he can be painted as a moderate (bipartisan is a bullshit myth/lie) His political shifts(read psychopath) indicate to me that his record had he served in North Carolina Georgia or whatever would have been very different. Fuck him and the intellectually and morally lazy American public. I love this country and Obama will be our next president. Take good care.

  2. It seemed to be an obvious conclusion. Putting that cardboard, Moron (and moron) anatomically incorrect Ken doll on the ticket is the dumbest
    political move I’ve seen since since the Dems tried to run Joe
    Leiberman as the VP on the Kerry (good man) ticket. The wealthy
    demographic that benefits from Republican policies doesn’t have
    the numbers to win an election. That leaves (aside from the idiotic
    Tea Party and closet rascists ) the religious right. Romney is not
    really one of them. Our elections feel more like a high school
    popularity contest than a serious fact based thoughtful selection
    of a statesman to govern the most powerful country on earth.
    At the risk of being Machiavelian (can’t spell) I was glad for the
    electoral college though the system probably is wrong as the
    popular vote was I assume (I don’t know) pretty close and the
    country would have been fucked if not over had things gone the other way. We are very lucky to have Obama. I am grateful and happy he is my president. Only in America (or maybe Lybia Gadaffi
    came from nothing and as I recall he’s not even close to the most
    brutal dictator in that part of the world the West needs to be educated about Islam and that includes you Mr. President.)

  3. The popular vote was very close. Scary. Who are these idiots voting for Romney (they were really voting against Obama no one really
    likes Romney.) Son of a Bush stole the election from Gore with
    Florida with his brother’s help and the country collectively and
    individually paid a very high price. Ironic that Obama had an electoral
    landslide. The country is so politically and culturally polarized
    (can’t we just work together to get things done get what done
    bipartisanship is a meaningless sound bite from uninformed non thinking citizens) maybe the electoral college does serve some
    present day purpose. I’m just thanking some fictional man made
    invisible entity that Obama won. Fuck You Romney voters,
    you’re stupid, ignorant and probably rascist (I’m a huge bigot
    it’s my thing it’s what I do I’m working on it with my shrink.)

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