#Barry mightily beats #Mitty and even #EpisodeIV for the future!

Better late than never! So there’s this:

And then there’s this:

But what I really love, is that there’s already a lovely young woman who could perhaps soon take center stage. Kyrsten Sinema is all the things you love about Obama, but she’s also an out atheist (well, non theist anyway) and bi. Lots of recognition from the likes of Planned Parenthood. Oh, and she’s hot.

7 Responses to “#Barry mightily beats #Mitty and even #EpisodeIV for the future!”

  1. Bisxuality as I’ve always suspected though I can only speak from a
    subjective perspective is not a real thing and tests measuring
    physical arousal of people claiming to be bi showed they did have a
    physical gender preference. This male porn girl on girl fantasy is
    obnoxious and sexist. Bi girls either have low self esteem boundry
    issues or are lesbians. Sexual orientation is not who you have sex
    with(I just did the nasty with my pet ferret it was AWESOME and we
    made sure there was open and honest communication and mutual respect so the experience would be a positive one for both of us)
    it’s who you fall in love with or have romantic/emotional feelings for.
    My theory is that men sexualize emotional intimacy and do the same
    with the close nature of female friendships they observe. This narscissistic projection is all about you guys it’s way off and objectifying. Grow up. I have no respect for some bimbo who panders to this purile(remember that word Anton) narrative or doesn’t have the integrity/courage to come out. I was born beautiful
    but I don’t play that card and want to be a human being. It’s hard to be female and being pretty or not pretty both suck. Stop this sexist
    bullshit. She’s a politician or like whatever. Let’s take women seriously. They’re technically real people with thoughts and feelings
    and if she’s that “hot” she’s probably not into you anyway (sorry for
    the burn but you douches had it coming women are fake and suck too but Sex in the City was very liberating for my gender.)

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Huh. Not even sure what to make of all that. I agree on your assessment of bisexuality, but the label is what she’s chosen and I don’t feel qualified to correct her. As for being offended, that’s your choice. 🙂

  2. BYU. She’s gay and keeping one toe in the water of social norms.
    As to her comments about women freeloading off of boyfriends and
    husbands I detest golddiggers and have more respect for prostitutes
    but providing food and childcare is real work. I’ve done it despite
    being born with facial features that are symetrical which seems to
    be my human value in this society(don’t worry my prime is long gone
    but I’m still “hot” beauty is an accident of birth.) Don’t compare
    this morally intellectually convoluded and confused bitch with the
    amazing human being that is our second term president.In my
    experience when a woman benefits from being attractive she is playing that card as I have heard beautiful blah blah from childhood
    and despite the obvious perks have yet to reap any material reward.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I can’t speak to her comments. Huh, any citaitons for your wrath? I haven’t emotionally committed to the woman, so I don’t care much about her beyond her possibility. Maybe you should try modeling. I hear that dishes out plenty of material reward.

  3. Ouch and touche but the implication that I have materialistic
    aims is obviously not true. I feel your endorsement of this bimbo
    is motivated by her “hotness” and I’m sorry for calling her a bimbo
    because I don’t know her and applaud her breaking away from
    whatever right wing bullshit she was raised with but she is not Obama and as an attractive (conventionally beautiful whatever the
    fuck that means) female I can speak to my social experience. FYI
    I’m way too old to model. I feel like saying fuck you but instead I
    will ask you to employ some noblese oblige as an educated white male as I do as an educated white attractive female. You don’t know
    the psychosocial experience of being female. Women and black
    men play by a different subtle unwritten set of rules and those rules
    are inherently disempowering. Being a girl is a lot of work and stress.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      What do you mean “ouch”?? I never said nor implied that you had such aims. I was just pointing out that if you did have such, modeling is a way to further them.

      Arg, I haven’t “endorsed” Sinema so much as found her presence encouraging. Thus, “hope.” And yes, it’s partially motivated by her hotness. But that’s an afterthought. I wasn’t aware of it until after I was aware of her and her record.

      Sorry you’re too old to model, though I wonder how you’ve assessed that. There are a good number of “older” models out there. (Send me a pic; you know the address!)

      You can say “fuck you” all you want. 🙂

      You’re absolutely right that I don’t own a vagina. Does this mean, though, that I lack the right to have an opinion on matters involving them? If so, does that mean that woman lack the right to have any opinion on any penis matters, because their constant expression on such seems to imply the opposite.

      When did I claim that being a girl was not work and stress? I’m really not sure where the “fuck you” hostility is coming from. 😐

  4. Defining women in terms of their physical attributes is dehumanizing and sexist if they are operating in a realm where that is not relevent
    but kudos for working penis vagina and send me a picture into your
    response. I don’t know where my hostility could posssibly be coming
    from it must be my time of the month or the general over emotional
    state all females are always in. I feel a crying spell coming on, ate
    some chocolate and made plans to go shoe shopping with a friend
    I feel much better now. Maybe I can think clearly again. Why would
    I want to model and why would you be the arbiter of my chances in
    that pursuit? Did you do an internship with the Ford agency in your
    college days. Do you have some industry experience you’ve modestly kept to yourself? Please don’t send me a frownie face
    that would shatter my self esteem. Maybe your wife or other female
    friends can understand where I’m coming from. I try to be aware of
    and grateful for the societal advantages some of my attributes afford
    me and tuned in to the subtle disadvantages and disrespects some
    traits(race gender physical appearance socioeconomic level being
    different) seem to invite in this society.Good luck with your penis
    issues but here’s a secret guys we don’t really care that much about your genitalia (no mags with exposed penis photos under our beds)
    you assume we do because it’s some big identity ego thing for you.
    Another narscissistic projection. Sorry guys I know you have feelings
    too and your women (that sounds sexist) probably love and care
    about you which is why they put up with you. That’s not fair difficult
    and abusive people come in both genders but most of the violent
    ones are male so maybe opt for something other than that GI Joe
    doll or ammo based video game for your son this Christmas. I not only make you laugh I also make you think. Wow I’m so deep.

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