@BillMaher has a cheery chat with @SethMacFarlane on @PiersMorgan

This came out months ago, but I just bumped into it, so thought I’d share. Two of my faves Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane. The following is the most complete clip I could find. Not even fucking CNN seemed to have a full interview. Jerks. Thanks to Cruciefiction for the clip.

14 Responses to “@BillMaher has a cheery chat with @SethMacFarlane on @PiersMorgan”

  1. As you’ve probably all (actually it’s pretty much just Anton and myself
    but we’ll continue to operate under the delusion that we’re participating in public discourse ) figured out by now I have
    a lot of free time. I’ll take this opportunity to delve into some pop
    culture commentary. First I’ll go a little retro (not as far back as the
    Jimmy Stewart James Mason torrid love affair, my lawyer has advised me not to discuss this.) Didn’t the classic and hilarious sitcom
    Gidget have a creepy incestous vibe? Put some pants on Sally that’s
    your Dad. Don’t get me wrong it was a very funny show and we are that much richer as a society due to its legacy. She got a lot of male
    attention for someone who looks like a weird chipmunk. I guess
    her best friend Larue the girl frequently described as having a
    great personality probably got her invited by association to a lot
    of parties. Sorry Sally, you’re a great actress. On to that tool Peirs
    Morgan who when interviewing Bill Maher kept going back and forth
    between the two religions of Bill’s parents to determine what he believed because he couldn’t wrap his head around the concept of
    not having a religion. He also asked the insightful question regarding
    Whitney Houston’s final days (imagine his brit twit accent) “How
    could a known addict be served champagne in a bar.” Here’s how
    douchebag she’s an adult with a legal and moral right to put what
    she wants into her own body. You’re a fascist ignorant fuck who’s
    spouting 12 step bullshit and lies about substance use/abuse
    (let’s replace the terms alcoholic and addict with the phrase I’ve
    coined above they are presented as absolutes when substance abuse is a spectrum they are hurled as character assassinations
    by lay people and medical professionals who may not even have
    first hand or a complete knowledge of a persons usage patterns and
    excluding actual physical addiction they are meaningless the harsh
    word alcoholic is not a real medical term but was created for political
    purposes by prohibitionists just one more example of the many and
    very far reaching ways the fraudulent scam of 12 step programs
    is affecting the entire society people who use/abuse drugs and/or alcohol do not have a disease they are not immoral they are entitled
    to civil rights and should not be defined soley in terms of getting
    high or drunk.) Wasn’t Peirs Morgan’s foray into the world of journalism being a judge on America’s Next Top Model or something
    like that? I’m sure you all (by you all I mean Anton) have things to
    do so I’ll just name some celebrities I hate in no particular order.
    Katy Perry Meridith Vierra Seth Rogan Ashton Kutcher Jon Stewart
    Michael Moore J Lo P.Diddy Ann Coulter Jay Z (I put him next to
    Ann because I hear she’s got a little jungle fever going on these days
    with the very right wing Jimmie Walker I’ll throw him in too just for
    his fucked up self hating politics) Oprah Winfrey Chris Martin and
    his stupid wife Gwen Stefani and everyone she’s ever had a conversation with Drew Pinsky(rot in hell you sociopathic scumbag)

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I’m not a fan of Morgan’s either. I really didn’t like how he treated Penn Jillette one of the recent times he was on. Oh, well. Morgan’s show.

  2. I ussed to watch Morgan from time to time depending on who his guest was. It was his smug and rude treatment of Penn Jillette that made me stop watching altogether. Thank you for sharing this clip of two of my favourite people talking to each other, I never would have known about it otherwise.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I occasionally dropped by Moragan, as you said, based on the guests. I never found him compelling, but also didn’t find him offensive. Then the Jillette thing happened and I wanted to slap Morgan. Oh, and the fact that he gave doofus Kirk Cameron a fucking platform. 😛

      No problem on the clip sharing! I randomly happened upon it.

  3. Penn Jillette is an Atheist and anti 12 step (though my opposition has been presented in the form of factually
    based serious arguments that have been thoughtfully
    considered and researched the pantamime schtick presentation Penn and Teller should have equal credibility
    in this hopefully public discussion about what is a profoundly
    important social and cultural issue that was sarcasm.)
    Penn Jillette is a dick and came at Seth MacFarlane in a
    very aggressive and intellectually meaningless and illogical
    way on some news public affairs Anderson Cooper (sweet guy) Rachael Maddow type showl

  4. I wrote long well researched letters to Bill Maher about 12 step
    programs and Drew Pinsky socoipathic scumbag who’s having
    a profound impact on our society (Maher had Pinsky on his show
    for some “expert commentary” in the wake of Whitney Houston’s
    death.) FYI Pinsky isn’t a trained psychiatrist. 12 step programs
    are dangerous to our society and our health care system. I think
    this issue is far more important than the general public realizes.
    The culture created that discredits and demonizes those who get
    drunk or high is judgemental and fascist. This climate has social,
    professional and familial reprecussions for many people. Society
    tolerates things much worse than drug and alcohol use. Research
    the history of this scamming of the health care industry and the
    society. Bill Wilson was a despicable con man who continued
    to behave very badly long after he stopped drinking. The program’s
    grandiosity and inherently contradictory manipulative doctrine
    are indicative of Wilson’s highly pathological psychology. Most
    normal people(even many health care providers) recognize 12
    step programs are bullshit once given any exposure to it and
    walk away with a chuckle. So why does this fraud with ZERO
    basis in science or psychology continue to hold a legitimate
    and almost exclusive status in the health care industry and the
    courts?If people want to sit in a church basement hey,it’s a
    free country but when it comes to health care(and health care dollars) and the courts this shit needs to be outlawed ! I’m very serious.

    Anton A. Hill Says:

    August 27, 2012 at 5:31 pm
    Hi Deborah,

    I wouldn’t go as far as all that, though I trust that you’ve done your research. In my opinion, our society

  5. To reference a Family Guy episode (in my opinion the best thing ever aired seriously I’m too drunk and traumatized right now to do justice to the many levels this work of genius resonates and lands if that’s what the kids are saying these days ) You are new Brian Anton.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving America (and by America I mean Anton.) This is the day to be reminded why you avoid interaction with your family during the rest of the year. Bring extra booze it does help relieve the pain and it’s fun and in keeping with the spirit of celebration and cultural tradition. This was my Dad’s favorite holiday he was fond of saying I’m not Irish I’m American the Irish are narrow minded bigots I hate the Irish and my father hated the Irish to which I would reply that’s such an Irish thing to say. Stubborn old depression era mick who built this country and did what he had to do so our generation could express ourselves. In light of the violence in the middle east I ask our citizenry to learn the reality of Islam and realize Palistine is a pawn of the Arab/Islamic world. Be well everyone. Happy holiday! apol

  7. My Daddy was/is Irish and I share some of the psychology
    and culture of the man who raised me and gave me half of my DNA. Didn’t we have this discussion about “bigotry”
    and conflating immutable human traits with things like
    culture , behavior and beliefs. You are sounding very much
    like new Brian. I care about truth and justice don’t paint
    me as some discriminitory hate filled enemy of humanity.
    That’s not accurate and unfair. Sorry I don’t like everything.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I never said you were hate-filled. I asked who else (you don’t like) in addition to the Irish. You seem to not like a whole bunch of people. As you admit with “sorry i don’t like everything.”

  8. First of all I’m definately hate filled or at least angry which is legitamate and often accurate and new Brian and my bitch mom are not kind people. I am compassionate and try to extend good intentions and deeds to others. Fuck off about the Irish I’m Irish as is my Dad and I’m pretty enamored of him. Critical thought sometimes ends with conclusions that aren’t upbeat and positive.Truth is truth.

  9. 13 is unlucky so I’ll post one more comment. Still waiting for the name of the greatest thinker/poet of the 20th century(hint he’s Canadian.) As my bitch mother said in the 70s I don’t understand what these black people were so angry about. I’ll take truth and justice over anger and angst free happy moods. That’s the human experience.

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