Sweet #turkey, #yam, & #cranberry goodness! (Just kidding. It’s a delicious #BBC #blackhole doc)

A-News lead anchor/co-founder Lee Moore posted this on Facebook. I’d seen a similar documentary with some of the same people interviewed for the Big Bang theory (the scientific theory, not the awesome sitcom), but I hadn’t seen this.

As I was watching it, I couldn’t help but think, “No wee wees in poo holes.” I just can’t fathom that an entity responsible for objects as incredible as black holes would also give two tosses on what we did with our genitalia. I realize this is an Appeal to Personal Incredulity, but I figure the burden of proof is still on their shoulders.

3 Responses to “Sweet #turkey, #yam, & #cranberry goodness! (Just kidding. It’s a delicious #BBC #blackhole doc)”

  1. Hello America (and by America I of course mean Anton) Didn’t watch the Big Bang clip as science is super boring to me though I suppose it may have some part to play in the course of human events. My 82 year old mother(fucker) is obsessed with this sitcom for my money the Ashton free Two and a Half Men is far superior. Happy birthday America!

  2. As this is America let’s keep this lowbrow. Just watched a recording of what might be the worst Facts of Life episode ever. The gals throw a zany out of control party in Natalie’s bubbie’s Fla. condo yet overindulgence in substances isn’t even mentioned as that would be no laughing matter and morally wrong. Mindy Cohn must be using the same phermone laced cologne Gidget used to get those cute guys.

  3. Oh my god just watched like 20 minutes of this and was barely able to keep from blowing my brains out. To quote the greatest intellectual and cultural influence of the 20th century “You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life.” Can you or anyone (and by anyone I mean you ) name the author of these timeless truths? Humanity needs science truth and facts it’s a good thing.

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