@Integralmathyt educates me on @pzmyers’ & #TheAtheistExperience’s #AtheismPlus #feminism bullshit

(And courtesy of Justin Vacula). As I told IM, I’ve stayed largely ignorant of all the “feminist” goings on in the atheist community. Mostly this is because I simply haven’t had the time to keep up on it, but also because it feels largely a waste of time all by its own self and, as I’d tweeted about Jen McCreight’s founding of the Atheism+ “movement”, it largely feels to me like a teacup tornado.

It may last. Even for a couple of years. Maybe a touch longer. But when it gets down to it, it has zero effect on the fact of atheism and those who are atheists.

3 Responses to “@Integralmathyt educates me on @pzmyers’ & #TheAtheistExperience’s #AtheismPlus #feminism bullshit”

  1. What the fuck was that? As pseudo hip as this dudes nonsensicle string of rants was (who are these people he keeps referencing who cares ) his self aware mugging and
    hamming it up were self indulgent and pretentious. Let’s get back to the word bigot. Religion is a set of beliefs and
    behaviors not an immutable human trait. Those who assume
    the Atheist identity as if it’s edgy and controversial are creating a cultural climate that’s not progressive as questioning/rejecting Theism in this day and age should not
    be any more scandalous than smoking pot or premaritial sex. Feminism is a serious and complex issue

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I’ll let IntegralMath defend his own words, but it was about how so-called “feminism” has seemed to hijack atheism. Feel free to look up the details.

      • That sounds like a really important issue that should be subject to indepth exploration and discussion by the whole society. Not interested in the details but rational clear statements expressing points of view should contain those details so as to be understandable. Atheism is not some hip club everyone who couldn’t get laid in high school can join to finally live that experience of sitting at the cool kid’s table during lunch in the cafeteria. If it is you should have a secret handshake or something (but it can’t be the same one your Dungeons and Dragons club used to have that would be lame.) Your arrogent dismissal of “so called feminism” as well as other comments and attitudes you’ve exibited show a lack of interest and awareness regarding gender equality. Hijacking Athiesm ?

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