Thank you, @DarkMatter2525, for your latest, “#God’s Priorities 2”

Including its own time-lapse drawing of Obama!

This one brings up the age-old question of why God lets babies suffer and die when they’re, you know, babies. As DM points out, i’ve never heard a satisfactory answer from an apologist. Usually, it’s some bullshit version of “mysterious ways” or “God has a plan.”

One Response to “Thank you, @DarkMatter2525, for your latest, “#God’s Priorities 2””

  1. I have a favour to ask of you. I am in the midst of publishing my book, The Blasphemous Bible, and was wondering if you’d promote it. It is a satirical rewrite of the scriptures. If you are interested in reading it, email me at with the headline Blasphemous Bible, so I’ll recognize it. Thank you for your consideration.

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