#TracyMcPherson rocks #Pennsylvania County with her #Pastafarianism! Ramen!

I was first introduced to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster a couple of years ago, I think by random chance. I saw the FSM site and the letter to the Kansas State Board of Education. I thought it was funny and cute and certainly appreciated the effort, but didn’t really see it going anywhere.

Then, I saw that Bobby Henderson had written the Gospel and I was more impressed. Not that writing a book is impossible, but it does take time and effort, and I was impressed that he’d gotten legitimately published (as opposed to self-published), and so was available in mainstream book stores.

Since then, I’ve occasionally kept tabs on the FSM movement, but hadn’t seen much that impressed me since the Gospel.

Until today:

I’m mostly impressed that McPherson took the time to prepare her statement and actually go to the meeting. There’ve been similar activities here in LA and I most often don’t find the time.

Good on you, Tracy. No matter what happens, even if the cats ignore you, people have had to consider what you had to say.

6 Responses to “#TracyMcPherson rocks #Pennsylvania County with her #Pastafarianism! Ramen!”

  1. All she has done is traded one religious cult for another. Just a phony looking for cheap publicity. Check out the Christmas tree at her house.

    • If only I could check out the Christmas tree at her house! I don’t have a problem with her trading one cult for another given that the one cult commands unmerited respect in the culture and the other doesn’t (yet). As for her being a phony and wanting publicity, I guess I don’t see the issue in that. What’s your issue with it?

  2. I assumed the pastafarian thing was meant to be satirical and to
    illustrate that the free pass given to religion (I’ll say it again set of
    beliefs and behaviors not an immutable human trait ) is outdated
    and intellectually and morally deeply flawed. I love Christmas as a
    cultural tradition in the same way many non pagens love Halloween.
    All religions (like political doctrines) are not equal or the same.
    Islam is a religious and political doctrine. Some religions are silly
    some are deadly. Islam must not be allowed to posture as a victim
    of “bigotry.” It’s a cancer on the globe in the same way Nazism was.
    I’m super left wing and very dissapointed that the West due to
    ignorance has allowed the deception and manipulation of Muslims
    to inform public policy and discourse. It’s not a few bad apples it’s
    Islam. I hope that pasta stuff was a joke but if not it’s just harmless
    stupidity (please tell me it’s a joke at least a billion people don’t
    believe it that’s no joke I’m not talking about Christianity.)

  3. […] wrote about this just a couple of posts ago, and despite my hope for the best, namely that McPherson’s group be allowed, per the First […]

  4. Is this a joke or a real religion? If it’s the latter
    people committed to reason and logic should disregard these people
    as being much more absurd than any conventional Judeo/Christian
    construct. Religion is retarded supporting some nutty sect outside
    of the mainstream is not liberation. I hope this pasta stuff is
    meant as satire. Once again I bring up the issue of 12 steps and
    cultural/societal responses and attitudes towards drugs and
    alcohol. This issue is very serious.

    • It’s not •really• real as in I don’t think anyone really believes there’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster floating around. Like Satanism, I think it’s much more about the principle of the matter of inclusion, etc.

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