And starring @AngusTJones as @4runner777’s bitch!

I don’t give a shit that Angus Jones is a Christian. I don’t even care that he’s an Adventist. I’m a little disappointed. He’s a cute kid with a well-funded future ahead of him, and it’s always my hope that young people don’t get swept up in indoctrination, but he has and it’s his life.

There were, however, a couple of bits that stuck out to me about this:

“I like black people. I’m not afraid to say it.”

–Angus T. Jones

Uh huh. Why would you be afraid to say it? Because it’s controversial? What, is this 1955? What a fucking weird thing to say. And notice how uncomfortable The Forerunner looks. Like, “Get off the ‘black people’ thing, kid. You’re digging yourself deep.”

“And I think that day, he showed me what the Bible taught about Hell… It’s there in the Bible. It’s there. And there’s no evidence for the opposing views.”

–Angus T. Jones

What he Hell?? (Ha ha.) At first, I thought he was saying that because the Bible is clear on Hell (I disagree), and because the opposing views have no evidence, that, therefore, Hell is real. Now I’m not so sure. It’s possible he was referring to any or all opposing views to Adventism. And I can’t really comment if his statement were that general because I’m neither an expert on Christianity in general nor on Adventism in particular.

But I can comment on Hell. It’s a well-documented fact that the concept of Hell evolved over the centuries starting with the vague notion of the grave/the abode of the dead (Sheol), to closer to a place for the wicked, based on the burning garbage heap of Gehenna which lay outside Jerusalem, to finally the modern concept, heavily embellished by extra-biblical narrative such as Dante. So this whole “what the Bible teaches about Hell” is only a piece of the story.

And it’s bullshit.

The Odyssey clearly teaches about Hades. I’d argue in greater detail than the Bible’s teaching of Hell. The description of something isn’t evidence for that thing.

As if that weren’t enough, Jones attempts to shift the burden of proof. Does he expect, then, for someone to disprove the claim that there’s a Hell? Okay, how about the fact that you go straight through from one end of the Earth to the other, you don’t bump into Hell? If Hell isn’t a physical place (though many Christians claim that it is), then such a claim is unfalsifiable. The burden of proof rests on the claim.

There’s something I don’t get about the religious and evidence. They declare that it’s irrelevant with the beliefs they support because they say those beliefs are supported by faith. But with beliefs they don’t support, they say they don’t support them because of lack of evidence. So which is it? Are the tenets of your faith supported and supportable by faith or evidence? You can’t have it both ways. If you value the one, you can’t value the other because they’re completely incompatible.

“If you watch Two and a Half Men– Please stop watching Two and a Half Men. I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t wanna be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth.”

–Angus T. Jones

First Jones can’t stop blabbing about his passion for the blacks, now he’s gnawing off the hand that funds him and even The Forerunner looks like, “Um, I am not affiliated with this guy with whom I’m affiliated. I do not endorse his diss of his employer. Yes, we should all be soldiers for God, but not kamikaze pilots.”

Jones later describes how a man of God, a true man of God, can’t be on a show like TaaHM and how he’s gonna stop and blah, piss, moan, gripe.

I’m with everyone else. If Jones is such a soldier for God and TaaHM is such filth, how about he hire himself a Bert Fields, get out of his contract, and donate every penny he’s ever made to wherever the fuck he wants? Is he truly a man of his convictions? More on that below.

“A lot of people don’t like to think about how deceptive the enemy is… He’s been doing this for a lot longer than any of us have been around. So we can’t play around. There’s no playing around when it comes to eternity.”

–Angus T. Jones

For anyone who’s wondering who this absolute fuck-wad imbecile–who apparently completely lacks a Research and Development department in his ancient and well-funded organization, has crazy supernatural abilities, but can’t quite keep notes on past failures and thus learn from them, who’s incredibly good at torturing, possessing, and stealing souls, but only ever ones of those who believe in him–is, it’s Satan. Yes. That’s right. Angus T. Jones believes in fucking Satan. Angus T. Jones believes in a guy in a red suit, with horns, a pitchfork, and a fucking Clark Gabel mustache. Fucking nutballs.

And if you doubt that my interpretation is accurate, check this out:

Forerunner Angus Enemy

“I apologize if my remarks reflect me showing indifference to and disrespect of my colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the extraordinary opportunity of which I have been blessed.”

–Angus T. Jones

Decent publicist he has there. One of those great non-apology apologies. I wonder how long it took between the video upload and the shrieking phone call Jones’ agents and publicists got. I’m guessing a couple of hours. So much for that ballsy integrity and shitting all over your employers and co-workers. Word is he’s finishing out the season. What’s that, six months of semi-integrity for the sake of convenience and lawyers’ fees?

Before I finish with some sweet sugar, let’s just take one brief look at this Forerunner guy. Here’s one of his videos:

What the hell is God’s problem with marijuana?? As you can see, The Forerunner’s a raging homophobic, conspiracy-theory, genocide-is-totally-cool lunatic.

And now the sugar!

11 Responses to “And starring @AngusTJones as @4runner777’s bitch!”

  1. I am beyond horrified. I watched this talented amazing child grow up
    and I have no smartass comments as I am concerned about Angus
    and the line between cult and religion can be very vague. Chuck
    Lorre is a psychopath who has damaged this little boy. Fans of the
    show (I am a huge one) have been endeared by Jake’s spirit and
    wit for many years as we watched him mature. I hope (not pray)
    for the best and thank someone he has the financial means to
    access any treatment or life plan he chooses. Best wishes kid
    America loves you and Charlie Sheen does too and is there for you.
    Religion is evil and this young man needs an anchor and guidence.
    Send this child messages of affection and support he is lost and
    confused. He has been overwhelmed at a young age. Take care.

    • i agree with you debbie about little jake for he’s been through alot with a persnickety father with an attitude whom most people don’t like his character and the rest of the cast stinks, get this show off the air.

  2. Anton,
    You obviously downloaded or whatever techno terms apply my
    photo fyi I’ve always photographed poorly but why would you do
    that. That’s not nice to me or your wife and very immature. I can
    forgive the youthful idiocy of Angus T.Jones but you should be
    more mature than that. You are disrespecting me as a human being.
    Two and a Half Men has been cancelled and the season finale
    where Jake and Lindsey’s (obviously super gay in real life )son
    were sent to a middle eastern war zone after foolishly joining the
    army TOO SOON!!! I feel real affection for this child as does (I’m
    sure) America. Fuck you Chuck Lorre. Psychopaths destroy souls.

  3. Vanity compels me to say those pictures don’t represent my facial
    beauty ie: human value and as my bitch mother has always said
    photographs never captured my beauty (she killed my father.)
    Those pictures are awful I’ve never photographed well I was born
    beautiful and I hope I will use my powers for good instead of evil.
    Back to the 12 step issue psychopaths and other profoundly
    psychologically disordered and malignant persons now have more
    credibility socially, LEGALLY and morally than those who use/abuse
    drugs and or alcohol or are accused of doing so(but powerful toxic
    scripts are fine.) Charlie Sheen’s manic but he’s right. Dr. Drew is evil. The real clinical data about drugs and alcohol needs to be
    given to the public. This issue is extremely important and urgent.
    Best wishes to Angus T. Young I’m rooting for you. Hang in there!

  4. Sorry Anton,
    Something came up on the computer saying photos had been
    downloaded or whatever. The timing was a little coincedential. I am
    a big fan of this child and wish him the best at the same time at his
    age I knew what I believed and wasn’t a whack job. You can’t argue
    with a bible thumper because as Angus and the nutjob freak he’s
    bonded with keep pointing out it’s in the bible case closed because
    if it’s written in this stupid book of unknown and dubious origin
    it must be irrefutable and timeless truth. Makes sense to me.
    Back to the 12 step stuff which is about religion and being taken
    as fact by our health care system, courts and the general public.

  5. That’s mighty white of you. Still don’t know who or what downloaded
    those ugly photos but women are prey which is part (but not all) of the
    reason I’m an acerbic bitch. Actually you’re just as contentious in
    lame pseudo edgy rants so let’s just agree we both suck except
    I offer irreverent wit (which often goes over your head) and insight.
    Speaking of which Charlie Sheen said the same thing I did about
    Chuck Lorre I’m so often spot on in my take on situations before
    having all the facts (which I believe in and I respect and admire
    that when you don’t have enough info or haven’t thought about/
    investigated an issue indepth you say I don’t know maybe I think but can’t say for sure hello low information intellectually and morally lazy
    electorate you’re a danger to humanity just say I can’t be bothered/
    don’t care and don’t make up cursory things off the top of your heads.) Angus T. Young is a doll and I love Two and a Half Men.
    Once again good luck (money helps but isn’t everything.) I forgot
    a couple of celebrities I hate who now escape my recall but would be
    interested in public feedback/discussion about other disliked celebrities as this is so important to humanity. Everyone in the Two
    and a Half chat room hates Ashton Kutcher. He’s a huge douche.
    Couldn’t have happened to a bigger dick and believe it or not it’s not
    in my nature to be unkind. Saw Gidget tonight it was creepy and wrong on many levels. She performs wifely domestic chores for her
    dad as if it were the natural order of things not like when one of the Brady kids was given chores. Not normal for a zany teen. Yuck.

  6. i don’t watch this racey stinking sex ridden show anymore for it’s all cheap sex and nothing more, pure trash and i hate jon cryer the most for his persnickety attitude, he’s jewish and an atheist who worships money. i really wonder if he’s gay for he acts gay on the show and he’s not in the least bit funny more stupid for he does so many stupid things it makes me sick. charlie may be an alcoholic but at least he’s sincere of his intentions with women about casual sex with them until chelsea comes along.

    the rest of the cast also makes me sick especially conchata farrel who plays berta with her super sharp tongue and stinking attitude, for i would never hire a smart mouth like her. little jake who’e grown up now is a religious freak and i don’t like him either. evelyn harper played by holland taylor is a cougar in real estate and there is one scene with walden where she’s in bed with him, she’s discusting.

    i hear this show is going out of business in 2015, thank you god for this, i don’t watch it anymore and hate just thinking about it. if lynda carter is on the show playing herself then it’s time to shut down the whole thing, i never liked her. my name is thomas

  7. to all who get sucked in on 2 and half men like i did, this show was all about sex sex sex, and charlie harper was the sex driven asshole leader and now the real life charlie sheen is hiv positive, you play and you pay charlie.

    as far as jon cryer goes, his alan harper character sucks beyond all logic for he’s a leach, (off his brother until he dies then leaches off walden), real asshole, is self centered, controlling on jake who’s a basket case anyway, the most persnickety idiot i’ve ever seen and acts so gay that you think he’s really gay. real bonehead.

    now we come to berta, what a big mouth, sharp tongue women who controls charlie like a slave and is so demanding and her famous punch line: “i ain’t cleaning it up”, she sucks big time.

    now we go to judith, real psycho and control freak with alan and jake. she’s all about sucking alan for all he’s got which isn’t much to begin with and she makes me sick beyond belief! she’s cute but with an attitude to control any man within her whims.

    it’s time to move on to moma evelyn, a real cougar for younger men with money and since she’s in high end real estate money is her main incentive to dominate the los angeles real estate market.

    now as far as the rest of the cast, all of charlies girlfriends mainly chelsea bini, (played by jennifer bini taylor), she’s gorgeous but charlie has a hard time keeping up with her for she’s more than just looks she’s got class and brains and has her own wealth but charlie can’t handle most of the time.

    this show in the beginning was funny but soon after i started watching it from day one i notice it was mainly based on sex and it slowly turned me off and my wife couldn’t take it anymore so we don’t watch the reruns anymore, this show i cheap sex.

    if we were to single out one of the cast it would be alan harper for his persnickety idiotic controlling sex hungry asinine bullshit attitude that sucks beyond reasoning, lindsey macelroy is gorgeous (courtney thorne smith), but is just like chelsea, and alan is no match for her.

    sorry for long review but i had alot to get off my mind about it.
    on scale of 1-10, -10 for all the cheap soft porn in show.

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