Epic #Pastafarian Defeat: #TracyMcPherson loses the battle (but not the war?)

I wrote about this just a couple of posts ago, and despite my hope for the best, namely that McPherson’s group be allowed, per the First Amendment, to put up a holiday display of their own on public land, it seems, for now, it’s a no-go.  From A-News:

“Despite many phone calls and emails of support, as well as statements by Pastafarian supporters for Holiday Tree and from atheist supporters for the Tree of Knowledge, commissioners Farrell and Costello rejected the motion to nullify Resolution 58-10 which was passed in 2010 and stops all displays except the Jewish menorah, the Christian nativity, and select “secular” christmas symbols picked by the commissioners such as a wreath, a tree, candy canes, santa, and a choo-choo train.

Commissioner Cozzone courageously voted to nullify the resolution in favor of a more inclusive display. We thank her for that. However, since her two colleagues voted against it, the motion did not pass.
As your minister, I am now exploring legal options to bring equality to this county.”

–Tracy McPherson

This is wat I think is gonna happen. McPherson, maybe with a little ACLU help, will sue. It’ll move up a notch It’ll make news. It’ll piss off pundits. People will piss and moan about the rights of “real” religions as opposed to “made up” ones. (A total aside: How was the LDS church, when it began, any different from what the FSM church is now??) After all the hot air has spewed, what this commission will decide to do, rather than recognize Pastafarian rights, will be what Santa Monica did recently, and just say no to all.

It may surprise you to read that I’m in favor of that. I really don’t think it’s a good idea to put up every display possible for the holidays. What it inevitably turns into is a free-for-all of ideas, including intentionally pissy ones, which, let’s be honest, is not in the spirit of the holiday season. The fact is, even for us non-believers, we want to celebrate the season, not just poke our fingers in people’s butts. So rather than force the government to recognize all faiths (oh, yes, we really mean “all”), we need to just say, if the kids can’t play well together, nobody gets to have recess.

One Response to “Epic #Pastafarian Defeat: #TracyMcPherson loses the battle (but not the war?)”

  1. I agree with you. Let me remind everyone (and by everyone I mean
    only you) that the government isn’t supposed to recognize any
    religion this is a clearly and emphatically stated constitutional
    mandate that is a basic philosophical and legal founding principle
    of this country. Manditory 12 step attendance has upon examination
    by court after court has been found to violate the law (though the
    establishment still views the program as effective, well intentioned
    and helpful which couldn’t be further from the truth.) The founding
    fathers (yea patriarchy) actually wanted freedom from not of religion
    in their own lives because they were brilliant visionaries who engaged in intellectual examination and logic. There are secular
    symbols of the season. I fully understand the cultural and social
    practices of celebrating the season which have nothing to do with
    religion. For the state to fund and/or display any religious symbol
    is illegal. While I appreciate the somewhat comical efforts of this
    woman they contradict the legal premise that must be enforced and
    upheld. No school prayer (the participation is optional so no one’s
    rights have been infringed upon thing is bullshit these have been the rulings of courts regarding 12 step attendance worshiping a doorknob or a spaghetti monster is still religion) and no judges
    from redneck states putting biblical writings on the courtroom
    walls. It’s separation of church and state. It’s the law for a reason.

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